Do you ever feel very lost in your life where you can’t seem to find a way out of the mess that has been created in your life? Or do you ever feel out of place sometimes in the most familiar places, which makes you feel more lost than ever?

Like you never really belonged there and one day you’re just sitting in a crowded room, with your earphones, with music blasting or hiding behind a book or your cell phone, probably just as a shield, full of these familiar faces yet you don’t know anyone and nobody really knows you.

People tell you that you don’t really talk much or don’t seem to have fun in most places.

But can all you are thinking is that how can I have fun when I feel like this isn’t where I should’ve been. You usually end up consoling yourself by saying maybe when you leave this city, you’ll find that place and those people, ‘your people’. You will finally get to escape but the thing is you still have no idea where or what your escape really is.

You’re really afraid of the thought that if you never find that?

Are there times that you feel this way? Strayed so far away you can’t find your way back from this overwhelming feeling of being lost? It’s okay to ask for help. We were never supposed to go through every single thing alone anyway.

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