Don’t you sometimes have this moment when everything just slows down for a moment and you realize how fleeting time is, how quickly everything can change just like the weather? It made me think back to last week when I was sitting in this very spot on a hot morning, able to sit there only because of the fan above my head. But I try to make sure to start my morning like this to just make some time before a hectic day to look at the now calm city that’ll break into chaos, traffic noise and temple bells, people rushing to get a head start to their busy day, trying to get their kids to school, kids struggling to wake up early in the morning again after a fun few months of summer vacation, sleeping in and waking up to their friends asking them to come out to play. Now it was a windy beautiful monsoon morning that was followed by a gloomy evening.

Isn’t it just like our lives?

It is constantly changing, even when it’s not but then one day we look back and it is completely different from what it used to be. Either we try so hard to hold on to things or are always in the rush to get somewhere and then elsewhere, working hard, suffering, and wasting time. But we’re never completely satisfied. Just like we want it to rain when the summer heat gets unbearable, and then we can’t wait for winter to start when we get tired of the rain and want some sunshine. We always find something to complain about.

In all this craziness we forget to stop and treasure what we have and to look that we were there, we had what we wanted for such a long time, but we missed it trying to reach higher and higher that the moment slipped out of our hands like sand and is just yet another ‘memory’ that we forgot to really live. There are many things whose true value is not realised by us until they are missing from our lives. We get so caught up inside ourselves we can’t see the joy that surrounded us. There is so much more to life than to show how fast you can climb. After all today is the only life you’re sure about.

Whenever life sucks, be more grateful instead. Remind yourself to count your blessings. Start small. You woke up this morning. You can breathe. You have food to eat, clean water to drink. Your family. Your friends. The people who will be there for you even at 3 am when you’re losing hope. You live on this beautiful planet as one of the most smart, empathetic creatures who can have so much impact on people around you and on this world. The places that you made so many memories. Oh, all the memories you’ve collected over your lifetime. You have a roof over your head and keys to unlock things that belong to you. That should be the key-

Being grateful for everything, all the people, opportunities and perspectives. Knowing that they will stay like a rock in your life, or will keep changing and growing, just like you will.

So stop trying to solve your whole life and instead hold on to all that is good and keep adding things that make you happy and see that pile grow and see your life change for the better. Life is too short to take everything so seriously and miss out on doing things you really want to do; before it’s too late to say that I’ll smile tomorrow, I’ll cry tomorrow or I’ll live tomorrow.

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