Now the thing is that we will never be able to turn back time, no matter how badly we mess up and how desperately we want to. Even though most of us fear failure and dislike making mistakes, all of us still make them. They are an integral part of our life which drives us to better ourselves with every step we make, and care more about the things we do. Imagine if you didn’t have to try very hard to pass your examinations with quite nice marks. Sounds like a dream come true, right? But will you actually put in the effort and dedication to get better marks or will you end up not taking your exams seriously and sit down to study at the very last moment?

This applies to various other aspects of your life and you will often end up just being mediocre or not reaching for the heights you can actually get to instead of improvising things that will help you, your relationships, your career grow into something extraordinary?

Success has rarely ever been an accident and like it or not, failure is always going to be a huge part of it. It drives us all to work hard towards our goals strive for great achievements and makes us capable of being more compassionate, kind and empathetic. It is what you learn from your experiences and how you turn things around for yourself is what really counts.

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