Astrologer Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Birthday Horoscope

May 11 — May 17, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

11th: Ganesha says you may find it hard to compromise, especially if shared assets are involved. Don’t expect good credit news now. Postpone those decisions. Turn inward to modify and mature changing beliefs.

12th: If you’ve been wanting something to happen, maybe at home or with family members, you may feel charged to push at the matter today; but don’t take on more than can realistically get done.

13th: The Moon brings to the semi-surface repressed needs, perhaps impulsively or with anger, it’s best to realise these toxins in a healthy way to make way for a fresh start.

14th: You have the good of everyone at heart and see the best in everyone, but it’s easy to get misled if you invest money or love with a friend. Afternoon energy needs a constructive physical outlet.

15th: Watch for exaggeration today, whether from your own perspective or another’s. It could be costly to listen to a loved one’s idea. If you sense that as a possibility, maybe it’s better to pull back.

16th: There’s drive, determination, and supported ambition available to help you power toward victory and success, especially focused on the new future you’re building. You’ve got everything if takes!

17th: What was energised yesterday puts you in the winner’s circle. Take action toward what you want and it will be yours — love, money, or family joy.

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