Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

June 1 — June 7, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says this period in your own sign brings many unusual aspects into the light of day. The period is slowly coming to a close and it is a good time for reflection. You started off with ambition and grand plans on the work front and then saw a platter full of goodies coming to you. There have been twists and turns ranging from strange esoteric pursuits, to flights of fancy, the supernatural and even the supra natural, interest in spirits, witches and other occult phenomena.

Taurus: You have put in a lot in terms of ideas, effort and commitment and this is the time for reaping the harvest. You like the sweet sound of good money in the bank and the social standing and perquisites that come in the form of pleasing symbols of success. You enjoy it all without a second thought, and why not? They bring joy to you and your family. You look back on the period and even seek to expand on the good fortune coming to you from time well spent.

Gemini: You are in an introspection mode. You even look at parapsychology and / or psychic insights and ability. Nursing, healing, welfare interests, medicare, healing minds and bodies, charities will take your time and energy and quite happily too. You have many desires to be fulfilled and are filled with a new mindset of inquiry. Right now Ganesha gives you a time of calm, introspection, thought. There is a good chance that you will also be involved in trade and travel.

Cancer: You are pressured by commitments to work and family. Both will need hard work and effort. There will also be investments and outlays, both financial and with time. You will have a lot of coping to do as they are all linked. It can be a heavy burden and so guard against overdoing it. But, whatever you do now, the results that follow will be pleasant. I must also tell you now that this is a special time and is filled with favours coming your way. No more guessing and hoping for the best.

Leo: You are enriched and Ganesha’s blessings are with you. Happy times are finally here and you are certainly on top of the world. Go for whatever you need but remember the saying: “There’s no such things as a free lunch”. But don’t let this deter you. Take your chances and plan for the future. Ganesha also tell you to read the fine print. There could be hidden clauses that could be less than favourable in the long run; watch out for deceit.

Virgo: You are enthusiastic and energise with all that is happening in your life right now. You will be a human dynamo, a powerhouse of energy, ready to attain targets you’ve only been hoping to achieve. You make glorious plans for the future leading to great success and joy. There is new zest in your attitude to life itself, and you work exceptionally hard. You will achieve success in all spheres of life and will ride the wave. The world is your oyster, right now.

Libra: There is free time and also a strong inclination to indulge in all kinds of mental activity. It will be back to mind games for you Librans, but of a very different sort. Once again, you look for fresh avenues of self — expression and of exploring new areas of both knowledge and experience. The family and work angles are both energised but there is a certain restlessness that might prove dangerous if it is not channelized properly. Despite it all, you do make sure that you manage all your commitments to the people who matter in your life.

Scorpio: The trends are encouraging as the period draws to its end. You have had material rewards. Now you reach out for greater love and warmth in relationships and are appreciated, valued and cherished. Family life will be on a high and your children will give great joy. There is a good chance of an engagement or marriage happening in this period. It could be either yours or that of someone dear to you. You are in an adventurous mood and would like to try out new things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Sagittarius: The period may be approaching its end, but your energy remains undiminished. You are on the go all time and are filled with a sense of fulfilment and self-realisation. Family and marital bonds are honoured with deep commitment and genuine caring. You have introspected a lot and have arrived at this point in your life after a great deal of soul searching. Expenses continue to mount but you are not complaining, as you are confident you can cope.

Capricorn: The tide changes here. Once again, from all the gusto and go, you get meditative. You look at the spiritual and the meditative areas with both sincerity and much commitment. Life’s meaning and, strangely enough, law and the social order, research, philosophical pursuits and even questions of justice keep you busy through the reaming period. You will still mesh beautifully with others and make gains in other spheres of life. Your ideas, ingenuity will set the stage of for stupendous achievements.

Aquarius: Your confidence and charisma — 2 great C’s — will be at an all-time high. They will be reflected in your interactions, and your attitude to friends, colleagues, and family. Having achieved your targets, you look at the lighter, more pleasant side of life. You decide to have fun, relax, let your hair down. You dabble in the creative arts and make more contacts. Expression is the key word here and you also go all out to reach out to others. Your life is filled with an assortment of activities and you are enjoying them all.

Pisces: You ­­­­­­­consciously go slow but can’t escape the intensity of the period. Finance and family will be well looked after, but there may also be a new love interest that takes a lot of your time and energy. Don’t overstep the line and hurt loved ones in the process. Tread softly, says Ganesha. It may just be a passing fancy and overindulgence may cost you dear. Don’t rock the boat where family harmony is concerned. You will have visitors and a lot of merrymaking. You will be the force behind the social whirligig. Enjoy!

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