Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

January 13 — January 19, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there is a lot of buying and selling. You have decided to make your home and personal life as positive as possible. You may take to Feng Shui and Vaastu seriously and make the necessary alterations and changes or simply make your home more comfortable and elegant. Many people will drop in too and this is the time for festivities. You may also go away on holiday.

Taurus: You think of the past and all its happy times. School friends drop in or connect with you on the net. This is the time for social networking as near and dear ones from all over the world tweet in to say ‘hi’. You love all the camaraderie and bonhomie. Ganesha is happy for you. Your mind shifts to work-related issues and you ink new projects.

Gemini: You are in luck and receive assistance from a lot of people. You are more self-sufficient now and slog away. There is some tension too and you will have to watch your health. Take care not to get too indulgent and try to bring about some discipline into your life. You are burning the candle at both ends. The right diet, workouts, maybe even a short stint at a spa or health resort can work its magic.

Cancer: There is restructuring and progress in all your endeavours. Ganesha wishes you well. There is stability and progress now. You are energetic, optimistic and confident and the mood is upbeat. You are all geared up to take on new challenges and work wonders. You are filled with enthusiasm and zeal as several time-consuming projects may be coming to a head the same time.

Leo: You may be pushed and you have your back to all but you come out firing with all guns blazing like a shootout at the OK Corral. This can also be a time of restlessness; you want to do big things and feel that you are not being given the opportunity. Your success may breed enemies and there will be roadblocks placed on your path. Ganesha wants you to compromise and take a middle path and to not get arrogant.

Virgo: This is a good time for expansion. With a little fine-tuning and a little care and restraint, you can convert this into an excellent period. You can be very successful professionally. There is sustained growth and many fruitful contacts made. This is a particularly good time for dropping the solo moves and to get into partnership mode which will be mutually beneficial.

Libra: In your personal life, you may become romantically involved with a business associate or colleague. This is a good phase to solve all pending domestic and work-related issues. Litigation, if any, will be in your favour and old medical problems may find a solution. If not cured, the problem will be arrested and you will have to learn to live with it. Just remember that what cannot be cured will have to be endured.

Scorpio: There is love and passion in the air. You will fall headlong for someone you have just met. A marriage or intimate relationship should work better than usual now. You and your partner will help each other grow in every way and will make it a profitable alliance. This will be a beautiful relationship with great scope for self-expression and individual freedom.

Sagittarius: You grow in leaps and bounds and revel in the unique bonding it offers so effortlessly and marvellously. You are romantic and charming, with dollops of sex appeal. Conquests are easy. But this time there will also be a new, spiritual dimension to the relationship which will be altogether different from all that you have ever experienced in the past.

Capricorn: Your mind wanders off in different directions like a puppy that has lost its leash. You may become involved in unrealistic schemes as you could be blinded by extreme optimism. You may want to gamble and take risks but please remember that will speculations could leave you bankrupt. This is a huge risk; gambling can also lead to major profits and you know it.

Aquarius: You are goaded on by the profit motive. Ask Ganesha for help if you may! If you are really keep on this, go ahead and take bold steps with calculated risks. You may also find it difficult to distinguish between the real and the ideal. This is an extremely spiritual influence and you look for escapes from the real world. You could also get obsessed with abstract speculations or high ideals that are difficult to actualise.

Pisces: You live in fantasy, in a dream world. This is okay once in a while as long as the implications are not detrimental. There will soon be a reality check and you will get back to good old terra firma. Ganesha will ensure that. It is also not in your temperament to be far removed from reality for too long. There are many influences beckoning you now.

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