Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

November 4 — November 10, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you reach out to people and places and your relationships will grow and prosper enriching you no end. People will matter to you and you will keep your interactions with them vibrant and meaningful. There is travel and a grand reaching out to new experiences. There will be new studies, trips to nearby places, even developing social ties with neighbours.

Taurus: There is a lot of movement in your life both literally and metaphorically. Your relationships are harmonious and smooth and you focus more on work. Be positive always and remember that it is contagious as no one wants or likes a winner. You may consider several new areas of work or specialty; metaphysics, computer and space technology, social reform, electronic media etc.

Gemini: Your over-extend yourself both physically and financially and will have to prioritize. This may not be the right time to make vital decisions. So hold on a while. The health of elders will be a problem area although children will be a source of joy. You could also be planning a family holiday this season and meet up with far-flung friends and relatives. Ganesha is beside you.

Cancer: You roll up your sleeves and get serious about work. This will be a period of very slow movement, sometimes even none at all. You may feel that you are just marking time, waiting to move into action. There could be feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-belief. There may also be a touch of frustration in your dealings with others.

Leo: Avoid rash moves and speculation. Try to smoothen the path with colleagues at work. Away from it all will be romance, attachments, love affairs, maybe even an engagement or a wedding. Many things will happen to add to the flavour of the period. Ganesha is with you always. You are in for a great phase now. You will make rapid progress in all your endeavours.

Virgo: Ganesha advises you to strike while the iron is hot and it is steaming hot now. The period favours travels / meetings / conferences / interviews / trips / more brain power / contacts / communication / correspondence / contracts. The period has a special connection with the circuits of the brain. This is a golden period and exactly what you have been waiting for.

Libra: This is the time you have to take bold steps, leave the past behind and look ahead. Ganesha will give you whatever you want now. Just ask! These are sensitive times and the family will play centre stage. You will also reach out to friends and most surprisingly, foes too become friends. With your restored and enhanced confidence, there will be greater ability to balance both work and commitments better.

Scorpio: You handle life more positively and look at a suitable job / vocation to express your creativity. All this will add quality to your life and depth to your personal interactions. It will also enhance and sharpen your work skills. You now become the true achiever you always wanted to be. There is success in all your endeavours and a good chance for a major wish — fulfilment. The trends favour you, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius: The tempo of life increases and you meet many people. It can be both personal and work-related. You continue the great run and will truly appreciate reaching out to both people and places in this emotion-packed period. Your heart will rule and you will partake in the splendour of human relationships. You display a more caring and open attitude to people, to life, to the world, and it comes back to you in shovelfuls.

Capricorn: Your confidence grows in leaps and bounds and enhances your interactions with people. There is powerful bonding and fruitful partnerships. You may also find yourself attending a wedding celebration or being part of one yourself is you are single and eligible. There are as many possibilities as there are ideas. Ganesha blesses you. Just ensure that you make the most of all the possibilities thrown your way.

Aquarius: This is a great period and is most certainly a period of confidence and charisma. This feel-good phase finds you enjoying the fruits of your past endeavours and making new inroads. There are awards and rewards, plaudits and kudos, and you rise in value and prestige. You are appreciated by one all and success is not only well earned but also very sweet.

Pisces: There will be promotions, more perks, career advancement and several gains. You deserve all the applause, says Ganesha. You have worked hard for it. These are just dessert for someone who truly deserves it. You make serious gains in all your endeavours and are sensible enough to make the right investments too. There is love and passion and several moments of deep, powerful intimacy.

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