Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

January 20 — January 26, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there will be fireworks and celebrations; anyway the summer has set in and the heat is on. You are more ambitious than ever and you re-examine your own image, your global self-image and your public image. You carefully study and evaluate them as you want to put your best foot forward. You want to realise your true potential.

Taurus: There will be global expansion at work and, possibly, a new romance. There may be a marriage or an addition to the family even as you soldier on with your manifold duties. You learn the value of building relationships and dazzle your superiors with you talent and intellect. If you are an entrepreneur, the world can be your oyster as you are determined to make your dreams come true.

Gemini: You are flying high and how! You strive to conquer many new peaks. Your self-appraisal of last period sets you on the path of true creativity. The focus is on family, children, pets, hobbies and interests, romance and thrills. Those in the media make their presence felt with an extra dollop of creativity, dash and josh! You are innovative and original in your approach and may come up with some winning ideas, true brilliance and ingenuity.

Cancer: You will have to exhibit different people-skills and will have to be diplomatic; do not offend anyone with unnecessary bravado. This phase will throw up a mosaic of many colours and there will be new partnerships and tie-ups, new and old bonds, and several great and profitable associations. Ganesha is with you laying the foundation for solid growth ahead.

Leo: There could be emotional, sentimental and maudlin moments in this soft phase. You will express deep feelings of love. There will be deep bonding and many intimate moments with loved ones. Old friends will appear out of the woodwork too. At work, you should guard against letting communication deteriorate. You need to be gentler and more understanding with colleagues.

Virgo: Your communication and interactive skills will be severely tested. There will be many emotional gains in this period. Warm and fulfilling relationships will be a source of comfort and will motivate you to greater productivity. Ganesha blesses you. This is a period of innovation, creativity and original ideating. Your soul-searching has set you will well and truly on a deeply spiritual and fulfilling path.

Libra: You find yourself getting more out of life as you make waves socially and are amiable, even-tempered and calm. You have enormous and self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm, determinations and the courage to face life squarely. You will be focused and efficient and will be able to achieve a lot. This is a fine, pleasant period that helps restore your spirits and boost your confidence.

Scorpio: You display panache, a touch of class in all that you undertake. You have proved your worth and can expect rewards and recognition. Ganesha is preparing you for greater challenges and triumphs. This is one of the best phases for you in a long time. You will make rapid progress and scale new heights.

Sagittarius: You continue making progress. A fine blend of work and pleasure will be spontaneously attained. There is both progress and pleasure as you will have many profitable journeys and associations. Relationships / public relations / interactions will be the main thrust now. There will be some fresh, new bonding and partnerships; perhaps even an engagement leading to marriage.

Capricorn: There is bonding, romance and passion. The changes within you are both genuine and deep-rooted as you work with efficiency and understanding. The results will be nothing short of pleasing to use a mild word and you are encouraged to push ahead full throttle. Your life is humming happily away. Ganesha blesses you.

Aquarius: The good times continue and you make rapid progress. This is a hectic and demanding period. You know what is required and are determined to deliver the goods. Decisive, position, action is the main thrust. Your approach to life is positive and you spruce up your image and your self-confidence. You display rare insights along with determined, creativity, imagination and style.

Pisces: The growth trajectory continues. You are aware that this is the right time to make the world your oyster and you experience a strong desire to put in that extra effort. New projects / ventures are taken up in this spirit and handled with flair. You are full of renewed spirit and vigour, sure of yourself, ready to go at full strength, all set to hit the pinnacle of glory. Ganesha is happy for you.

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