Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

December 16 — December 22, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says your contacts will definitely help you, both socially and professionally, leading to concrete gains. But it’s not going to be a walk — over. After an interesting and reasonably profitable period. Your projects are always gigantic. You travel and have many new experiences. This is also a time when there is a rapid growth in consciousness. This is a good time to achieve the right perspective in all possible senses of the word.

Taurus: Ganesha says it is also a good time for education, for getting in touch with yourself through self-awareness studies, or for seeing the larger picture. Life is smooth with beautiful moments with loved ones and, I must add here, some powerfully passionate moments too. You are busy with the 3 C’s — contacts, communication and contracts. There will also be the frenzy of reaching out with trips, ties, collaborations and new associations on the cards.

Gemini: You will look to establish long lasting and profound bounds. It is important in this period that you relate well to others. How you relate to people will be vital as it will play a huge role in determining your progress and your happiness levels. Ganesha warns you to think well, think carefully, and not rush into action. I also feel that you should bide your time and make the right choices.

Cancer: You plough away with serious, single-minded determination. This is a lucky phase and everything will fall easily on your lap. You could feel a bit stretched with the various demands on you. There could be some domestic problems too. As the period ends, the emphasis is on social service, work performance, your relationship with your boss, colleagues and subordinates and on extending a helping hand to those who need it.

Leo: You are preoccupied with kin, neighbours, near and dear ones, as well as your own immediate family. There is progress but replace egotism with balance. Please exert some control over hasty, belligerent reactions. There are domestic issues that make you sit up and think. There are many family issues that you need to solve first before making sure of your professional moves.

Virgo: You look at your roots, your family and your work with new eyes. You look at security for loved ones and will work towards it very seriously. This could be a period of strange impulses and ideas, and some unusual events too. But Ganesha says that the money is pleasingly stable, if not good, since your sources of income will multiply and that’s always important.

Libra: This is an excellent time to achieve real stability in your relationships. There will be harmony as your personal needs will not conflict with the demands of the relationships. Towards mid-period, you are on a wedding out and pruning process and are busy getting rid of all associations that were inappropriate or didn’t quite fit in. This is a good time for collaborations and new projects.

Scorpio: As the period ends, various aspects of your life will be transformed. You will be shown many dimensions that can broaden your life and experience and make a totally new person out of you. This is a period of many positive energies. You feel emotionally secure and in touch with your feelings. You will be seriously looking at growth in all areas of life. There are many influences working on you.

Sagittarius: Ganesha feels that this period is a fine time to study, improve your mind and to be receptive to ideas and opinions different from yours. There is a much wider canvas for you to paint on. Do not get bogged down in old fashioned ideas and ego hassles. Change is the only truth and you have to accept it. You strive to improve your skills, knowledge, wisdom, and acquire new techniques and improve the vistas of your mind.

Capricorn: The life of the intellect will hold promise and excitement. Ganesha assures you of success in your efforts. This is a good period for contemplation and meditation too. This is also the time for social networking as near and dear ones from all over the world tweet in to say ‘hi’. Take care not to get too indulgent and try to bring about some discipline into your life. You are energetic, optimistic and confident and the mood is upbeat.

Aquarius: You will be very busy with many tasks. Ganesha ensures that you have a very busy period ahead. Issues of prestige, power and pelf will take top priority. Renovation / decoration / buying / selling of property or office are possibilities. Loans and investments are emphasized. Trying to get things done is what keeps you involved.

Pisces: There is love and passion in the air. You and your partner will help each other grow in every which way and make it a very profitable alliance. Towards mid-period, there will be fireworks and celebrations. You are more ambitious expansion at work and, possibly, a new romantic interest. This is a valuable period in life when you learn a lot lessons and grow as a human being.

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