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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

June 22 — June 28, 2020

By Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says your life is full of surprises and this disquiets you. There is no uniformity or steadfastness in your life and you try your best to give it some stability. You are feeling rattled by the continuous turn of events and long for some peace and predictability. But you have also been having crazy mood swings. You find yourself at the door of an extremely busy, involved, perhaps, occasionally, even confused phase.

Taurus: You are fighting against all odds and it is an uphill climb. Nothing is working according to plan and you don’t know what to do now. At times, there are marvellous flashes of genuine inspiration / intuition / perception and at other times there is only a void which is difficult to plug. You keep oscillating from triumph to despair. You are re-aligning goals, priorities and your image to find the key that fits.

Gemini: You have the right intentions and you back the right horses but the rewards are not as expected. There are new opportunities and a chance at true peace, plenty and prosperity. You take a break and spend time with congenial companionship. You try to let your hair down and laugh, play and relax, but it doesn’t help too much. Deep down you know that your plans are not working out as you had hoped they would.

Cancer: There is some confidence and self-belief in your efforts but they are still not bearing fruit. You are in debt and could take to gambling and other excesses. It is high time that you pull up your socks or it could get too late. The family is pained by what they see and you also refuse to listen to the same counsel of friends and well wishers. You know they are right but you are adamant and refuse to listen to your inner voice which tells you to change in no uncertain terms.

Leo: You are trying your best to make the most of the rotten situation that you find yourself in. It will help if you take to self-disciplining through yoga and meditation. Work is unattended and you could risk a job loss and this could lead to further ramifications. You need to steer your boat to stable ground and make an all-out effort to do it. The waters are now swirling around your neck and you realise that you could drown in it.

Virgo: There is progress in your affairs as you wrestle to quell the demons that hound you. You look at growth and advancement and you push hard to achieve your true potential. You make many changes which could even include a job hop or a new line of work altogether. You feel isolated now and need to get back lost prestige. You take time off and spend it at ashrams and with gurus looking for answers. There may even be a pilgrimage to a shrine as you seek divine help.

Libra: There is a shimmer of hope as you slowly regain control of your life. You need to get back the respect of your peers and need to start believing in yourself more. You bring in discipline to your life and get organised. You put in long hours at work and start from scratch. The dividends start showing almost immediately as though your life was just waiting to be set right and looking for the slightest excuse to stabilise itself.

Scorpio: You are pulling yourself from the bootstraps. You have indulged yourself in various ways and feel it is time to return to the daily grind. You make superhuman efforts at your job / work / profession and realise that sincere, hard work is the need of the hour. You put in long hours and slowly recover all that you had lost. When you look back at the year, the balance sheet is not so favourable and you need to set it right. There are also domestic issues to be resolved and very little time for partying and entertaining.

Sagittarius: Your efforts are pro-active and you are charged with zeal and energy. People reciprocate your feelings and the world loves a winner. So, suddenly, you find even strangers and mere acquaintances rallying around you. There may even be romance in the air but take your time before you begin to be swayed by all this. You make stupendous progress as you pan out new targets. You are on an achievement spree as success breeds more success.

Capricorn: As I have said many times, nothing remains stagnant and change is the only reality. The species that manages to survive is the species that adapts to changing circumstances. You are now oozing confidence and there is travel, romance, marriage / engagement, collaborations, financial gains, festivities, outings, get-togethers, shows, picnics, parties, operas, plays, and family reconciliations. You have everything to gain in this period and so push ahead with vigour.

Aquarius: You are making big plans and spreading out in every direction. You are possessed of a new zeal and are on achievement mode. There could be overseas travel which will prove very beneficial. Those in the media will win kudos for their creativity. You are inspired and are filled with wisdom and new insights. You find new methods of money making and, if self-employed strike out in several directions with considerable success.

Pisces: The work scene is going well and now you find time for the family too. There is a balance now and you are in full throttle. You are confident and determined to reap the whirlwind. You can see clearly that the period is ending well. As you achieve more and make more money, there is a new sense of well-being. You share it with the family and they exult in it. There could be a happy occasion like the stork paying a visit. Health will be good.

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