Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

February 3 — February 9, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you need the support of everyone to make true progress. You will seek out new pursuits like occult and psychic phenomena, spirits and witches, necromancy and magic, to name a few. You are aiming for an escape from stress and are seeking a balance between the material and spiritual worlds. A lot of time and energy is spent in funds, investments, raising capital, loans, selling and buying. Ganesha wishes you well.

Taurus: There has been so much happening in your life the past period that you desperately need a break. You look for a quieter phase in your life which ushers a period of introspection. You may take a second and hard look at alternative medicine, healing, social work and other such diversions. You are not naturally inclined to social work and philanthropy but this can be a much — needed change.

Gemini: You have been on a huge ego trip and have been boastful and arrogant, but now a sense of completion is on the cards. You come full circle. Ganesha approves. You are learning valuable lessons. You continue with your work but there are many domestic demands. There could be problems in your marriage and trouble with teenaged children.

Cancer: You like to be the boss at home and your commands obeyed but there could be a revolt brewing. You will be put in your place and not listened to at all, and when this comes from family, from your own flesh and blood, it will be very difficult to take. You will have to manoeuvre the situation with delicacy. If you are not careful, there may be repercussions like children running away from home and an elopement.

Leo: The situation could get even worse as youngsters these days have access to several modes of communication and have many influences acting on them. However, I must add that these are mere generalisations. I do not have your personal horoscope and so cannot be specific. Plus, please also remember that though I have been accurate on several occasions, I can also be wrong.

Virgo: The focus now is on relationships because they will be the key to your happiness and progress. You will have to compromise to resolve differences at work and at play. Please remember that the stress should be on teamwork and co-operation both at home and the workplace. You need to look at innovations at work and at home as well as come up with new strategies for cohesion and harmony.

Libra: You look for more freedom in whatever you do. This can be a very critical line particularly for those in their late twenties. You want to break out of all the structures imposed on you. You seek independence and are serious about establishing your presence in the world. You break away from old groups and branch out on your own.

Scorpio: You make significant changes in your life which could include liberating yourself from an existing relationship and looking for another one that will suit you better. For the seniors though there will be stability and progress. There will be challenges thrown at you and you will have to wade through murky waters. There could even be moments of sadness and despair and you may seem distraught at time.

Sagittarius: You could be sullen and moody but this is all a part of the package of life. You can’t have it your way all the time. There will be quiet moments of bonding away from the madding crowd. Ganesha is with you. This is an energetic and pleasant influence and you may be inclined to sit back and bask in it. But this is a very significant period because you can reach out to people and taste new areas of life.

Capricorn: Your creative potential is enormous, your drives are very strong, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal. You are full of self-confidence and believe that you can do wonders. Usually this is also a time when you enjoy good health and a feeling of well-being. You will be charged to join the gym or will take to the outdoors in a big way.

Aquarius: You could be hiking, cycling, running or just walking depending on where you stay and how much time you have at your disposal. Since you will be overconfident and will overestimate your energies, do not take foolish risks. It hurts no one to be a little slow and cautious. Circumstances always play a huge role in such predictions. There is also new romance and it all depends on what you want to do with it. Ganesha wishes you well.

Pisces: You look seriously and hard at new money-making ventures. This is an excellent time for all financial matters and you plunge into it. You will feel like making your surroundings appear more elegant, and you may spend quite a lot of money too. Expenses soar but along with this concern with material acquisition, there are also some very real possibilities for inner growth.

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