Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

October 7 — October 13, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says as the period ends, the intensity increases. You may also get enmeshed in an affair and this could cause a lot of heartburn. If you are married, this fling will create many unpleasant domestic ripples. Take care or this could result in the breakdown of your marriage. You may also be in an indulgent mood and could be prone to excesses in food and drink.

Taurus: Old liaisons will also appear out of the woodwork to haunt you and you will have to carefully sidestep the repercussions. There could be a lot of emotional tension and your health may suffer. It may be a good idea to cool off, slow down and take it easy. This will also pass but your indiscretions could leave a sour aftertaste.

Gemini: You are filled with new ideas and find new ways to tackle work and domestic issues. There could also be some dependency and an occasional temper flare — up. You could even be cheated in some recent deal and so it will be worth your while to scrutinise the fine print with a magnifying glass. There could be many mood swings and people close to you will find you difficult to deal with.

Cancer: You look at spirituality, yoga, meditation and other options to still your mind. You are on edge and even the slightest provocation can trigger off an upheaval. You also realise that this is not the way you should be and that you should change in a hurry; this is a new trend as you are generally loving and genial. You are passing around all the wrong vibrations and not doing yourself and others any good in the mood you are in.

Leo: You have been through a rough patch and are now seeking answers to the complexes nestled deep in your subconscious. There are many new professional relationships and they seem to work well for you. You are not particularly idealistic now, you have learnt your lessons, burnt your fingers, and now you want a clear roadmap.

Virgo: You look at professional and business relationships with seriousness. You sign new contracts and examine the details. You do not want to be deceived again and you are taking all the precautions. Ganesha is happy that you have learnt your lessons. The way forward is clear and you have managed to remove the roadblocks. Now there should be no looking back.

Libra: This is a period of hard toil. You set your sights very clearly on whatever needs to be done and you go ahead and accomplish all your tasks with single — minded zeal. There may also be an unusual new relationship with a much older or younger person. This may not be sexual in nature and could veer towards a parent — child relationship.

Scorpio: You may also begin an exacting and detailed creative project involving media that requires cutting edge technology. This is new and you could be pioneering a trend. There will be many takers for this. There is success staring you in the face. Go grab it, says Ganesha. There are accolades to be won.

Sagittarius: You are reaching out to everybody. There could be new international associations and overseas projects. All your relationships will also achieve a degree of stability at this time. This really makes you happy. There are many pleasant influences now and you may be inclined to sit back and do nothing. But you also know that this is a very important time in your life in which you can have new and rewarding experiences.

Capricorn: Your creative potential is also unleashed and you blaze the marquee. Your inner energies are strong and you are full of self — confidence. Ganesha wishes you well. There are many moods to this period. This is an excellent time for all financial matters and you will spend a lot of money on making your surroundings appear more elegant.

Aquarius: There is inner growth and you are very clear in your material acquisition. This is a good sign. There are strong indications of travel, either physically or mentally. You are keen on more knowledge and want to broaden your understanding of the world around you. Your mind expands and you want to embrace all types of ideas.

Pisces: You could be in party mode and having fun. There is good health and a feeling of well — being. You will explore the outdoors and may take a holiday in the hills, mountains, beaches or some wildlife reserve. This is a favourable period and you are in touch with your emotions. You also want to establish empathetic relationships with others.

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