Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

September 30 — October 6, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says in your perception of your role in the family, ‘provider’ is usually very high in priority. This is typical Arian stuff. And you take it seriously. Funds and income for family prosperity, gain, security will be vitally important to you, and handled as such. You’ll even take on a second job to create this fund for your family. And you don’t stash it away! You spend on items of comfort, luxury, pleasure, inconvenience. Perhaps even your servants get a raise to keep them working happily and efficiently — the way you do yourself!

Taurus: You are understanding, gentle, communicative and family and friends all draw close in a circle of mutual affection, warmth, caring. There’s an aura of peace, comfort, plenitude surrounding you all this period. Wishes and dreams will also become realities as you live them out. You will know the right way to defuse conflicts and face-offs, and harmony will prevail, in a feeling of blessedness, luxury, fun.

Gemini: A time when organising your work — in terms of routine and communication — and your household will be important. It will not only be necessary but highly profitable. It will help you see your way clearly in conflict situations and help you take the right decisions and yet go with the flow. Pleasant repercussions will happen, in both the family scene and with colleagues, co-workers, bosses and superiors.

Cancer: You are given a period of truly stupendous power, achievement and glory by Ganesha now. It will seem that you can’t put a foot wrong even if you try! You fulfil even the most far-fetched seeming goals, targets, and have the patience and the drive to resolve disputes and differences, too. It’s not only at work that you will use brilliant skills and techniques, but in the sphere of family, of intimate relationships, of parenting, of duty and of love.

Leo: Your personal space has been so beautifully energised and activated that it may seem ideal. Yet you seek to arrange and organise it even better. This will involve you in two related but different activities: a) your care and concern over parents and in — laws, older people, humanitarian causes, social schemes, b) New projects / ventures will be discussed threadbare, planning and executed with skill, precision and perfect timing.

Virgo: A period packed with so much that it’s difficult to describe. There’s fun, laughter, romance, good times, entertaining, ceremonies and even perhaps a wedding. There’s also leisure pursuits, sports, hobbies. Perhaps games of chance and lotteries, too, where you could easily win some quick bucks. Even speculation and playing the market. That’s still not the entire picture. You seek other.

Libra: In the cornucopia that Ganesha has for you as a build — up this period, the family scene will be truly beautiful — togetherness, ties, bonding. Love, romance and marriage will be equally good, too. To turn to more practical matters — home budgets will need care, foresight and planning, and you will work towards creating a financial support system for the family. Your own health will be good, too, so that you can cope comfortably, easily with all that you take on.

Scorpio: A great inflow of serenity and confidence in your temperament and mental makeup benefits you greatly. You can handle the conflicts, confrontations, squabbles that may have to be dealt with easily and impartially. Also there is success in your work — targets and family objectives, too. You not only get things done, but do it with grace and style, and much enjoyment.

Sagittarius: Money flows in for all your needs, from household and domestic expenses to venture capital, high finance. You can handle them with still, expertise, and the rewards come! A rise in status, as well as raises, promotions, perks are almost definite, with the added prestige they bring. While all this may give you the confidence to plan fresh new ventures, you need to exercise care, says Ganesha.

Capricorn: I’m sure you must have paid heed to Ganesha’s advice. Otherwise, the dream run you’ve been having for the last period would be a hard act to follow, even for Ganesha. Profits, benefits, easy gains, lots of cash. Legal matters, joint — funds will all work out very smoothly. You will perform a true quantum leap in terms of your sincere faith, heightened spiritual awareness, devoutness in prayer. You feel it is the best way to express your gratefulness, your appreciation and love for God.

Aquarius: Your public persona will not match up to your performance — both will be brilliant, effortlessly pleasing. You’re a whiz at group activities and team work, so that you get true co-operation from others. This helps you cope with the rivalry that you are bound to face now. You attract good people near you, the family draws closer; as do your friends. Great achievements flow, as a result; not least of which are family warmth, love, solidarity.

Pisces: Good relationships could well and truly sum up the theme for this period — and right through to the end of the period. Contacts, communications, reaching out, drawing people closer. Meetings, conferences, even intimate interactions will be meaningful, productive. Benefits come to you from travel and short trips. You will break boundaries and barriers of all kinds.

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