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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

May 18 — May 24, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says money will be important for you and you will look at making some important financial transactions. Matters related to legacy, joint-finance, insurance, real estate, buying / selling / shopping / investing / capital formation take on an extra dimension and importance. This is a pivotal period astrologically. There will be better health and more opportunities to job-switch, start a business, get a promotion or have a spin at games of chance.

Taurus: Quick gains are more than likely, says Ganesha. There will be many new developments as your money worries get resolved. There is passion and deep bonding as you soar with the ecstasy of the moment. You will also indulge in strange esoteric pursuits, to flights of fancy, the supernatural, interest in spirits, witches, life-after-death, and occult phenomena. You also meet old friends and spend great moments in fond memories of wonderful times gone by.

Gemini: There are many expenses as you love to splurge on the good life. You may look at a new home or even expansion of the office, at renovation or redevelopment. The trend of loans and funds, investment and buying / selling of the last period continues. Ganesha says it will also ensure a hectic social whirl as well as professional and business interactions that could prove very good.

Cancer: Ganesha says you manifest the charm, social skills and charisma of your sign in plenty and could feel on top of the world. You will be a human dynamo, a powerhouse of energy, ready to attain targets. There is a renewed zest for life, lots of vigour and energy, as you work exceptionally hard. Your success will be the envy of all. Children bring joy and you will spend a lot of time with them.

Leo: Ganesha says there is personal evolution and you grow in credibility, popularity and authority. This is a period of achievement and consolidation. This is a good period to achieve, that’s for sure. But what you need to think about, warns Ganesha, is the manner in which you go about it. It will impact you personally and individually. But, definitely, you will catapult to new heights of excellence.

Virgo: Ganesha says do not do anything that you don’t believe in and do not look for a quick buck, however tempting the offers. You will have the necessary money to go ahead with plans, projects, assignments and commitments. Prestige, status, position, power will be the attributes which will concern you very deeply this period. The gains of this period will be long-lasting, pleasing, profound and deep-routed.

Libra: Ganesha says you find the time to delve into the spiritual and meditative aspects of life. You are oozing with confidence by mid of this period. You push ahead in all areas of work and make money and also powerful professional links. You are filled with self-belief and hope for the future. As the period ends, the intensity of the phase increases.

Scorpio: Ganesha says there is love in your life and you could be torched by it as it may not be just a fleeting romance. Love and entertainment bring welcome relief from money and professional concerns. There is a chance that you may even lose all reason and logic. Friends, sweethearts and fraternizing lead to great happiness, especially in the second half of the period.

Sagittarius: This period Ganesha decides generously to give you several things you have long been craving for. There are rewards, returns, recognition and romance. This period is powerful and your sexuality and charisma are expressed easily. You look pleasing to the eye too and may win beauty contests if you enter any. You also fall prey to indulgences and the good life.

Capricorn: Ganesha says those in films, fashion and media do well for themselves and win rewards and awards. There is grand success and accomplishment waiting for you. Work and play will be enhanced in this period. Your life is moving the way you want it to and this pleases you no end. This is the time for expansion in thought processes and a new focus.

Aquarius: Ganesha says this period you manage to do exceedingly well. However you could find yourself falling prey to moods of angst, depression or ennui all of a sudden. It could well be caused by a desire to assess, take stock of your life, aspirations and orientation. You will seek deeper insight, greater meaning or just plain consolation, as you feel that there is a certain futility in your life.

Pisces: Ganesha says, you could be into healing, nursing, helping people. A certain restlessness caused by anxiety or even nervousness is a distinct possibility. This is a common occurrence, astrologically. You are looking at genuine, physical, mental and emotional expansion. You need wider horizons and a broader canvas for your ambitions. There are many sources of income and inspiration as you grow financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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