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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

August 31 — September 6, 2020

By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha says another period draws to an end and the phase has an intense pitch to it. The trends are encouraging. There is more work and a lot of love; in all probability there will be many loves to contend with. You will be playing the field. The primary focus of the period will be on relationships, bonds, ties of love and affection. There will be some upheavals at home and your interactions at work will also be vastly different.

Taurus: Ganesha says you will earn good money and there will also be a lot of entertaining; much of it will be official and you gain from it too. Your children will be a source of joy and the interactions with the elderly at home will be more meaningful, warm, and empathetic. You reach out to others and your focus will widen to include extended family and kin, the community and the neighbourhood, perhaps even the world at large.

Gemini: Ganesha says you look at new ideas to get better results. You are looking at every way to maximize your output. You are on the go breathing fire. The family is happy as all misunderstandings have been sorted out and work has a new momentum. You may have to take extra care of your health though as you have been in an indulgent mood for long and will need discipline.

Cancer: Ganesha says it is a good time to get cracking on a new diet or exercise regimen. You may need to slow down; a short stint at a healing centre or health spa may not be a bad idea at all. Do this as a preventive measure. It is better to be safe than sorry. There could be times when you feel a bit depressed or think differently or out of the box. Do not let this bother you as much as it bothers your loved ones. These things will pass. Ganesha assures you of that.

Leo: Ganesha says new ideas take you by storm. You look at meditation and yoga and try to change your lifestyle. You need to lose weight, and the party scene also beckons. There will be marriages in the family and friend circles and, of course, you have to attend. Those in the creative fields will be honoured for their outstanding contributions.

Virgo: Ganesha says despite all the distractions, you shine at the workplace. There is no stopping you. You are inspired and hard working. You not only look for new ways to progress but will also try to identify, improve and streamline your efforts. You do not let go. If employed, your prospects are bright. If on your own, you will be in the throes of major expansion. Ganesha is with you.

Libra: Ganesha says you also give expression to your fun side. You want to let your hair down and join your friends for a good time. But you also know that this is the time to look ahead. All your future ambitions, plans and projects will necessitate a load of work to make them happen. There will be collaborations and ties, may be even romantic and / or marital relationships, a fair amount of risk-taking and also substantial travelling.

Scorpio: Ganesha says there are so many things happening in your life and you are caught up in it like a pigeon in a storm. This period has many challenges and you do well to handle them with purpose and elan. Finance and family are well looked after and there could also be an addition to the family. There are many family gatherings and you bond with relatives whom you haven’t met for ages.

Sagittarius: Ganesha says journeys, relationships and acquisitions all conspire to come together, and you are both enthused and happy as you cope well despite your hectic schedule. There will be travel, loans, sex, passion, funds, buying / selling / shopping and reaching out to people. Ganesha says that both professional networking and personal bonding will be equally important in this phase.

Capricorn: Ganesha says there are wonderful moments spent with your beloved. This is a great way to end the period. Those who are single may think of taking the plunge. Those already married will have a second or third honeymoon. Those who have recently broken up will find new love. Love is in the air and you enjoy every moment of it. There may be a family holiday too to some exotic locale. The potential is endless.

Aquarius: Ganesha says there are many sensitive and emotional moments, and you want to share them with those who matter. Your world is in order and you are relaxed and happy. You decide to have fun and join the party. You are in the mood to wine and dine with your friends, be a happy host, enjoy life, live well and love well. Ganesha blesses you as you step into another period.

Pisces: Ganesha says you realize in moments of contemplation that you need love and the warmth of companionship. It is far more important than success, money and material progress. Your attitude have changed and you firmly believe that marriage, romance, the joys of wedded bliss are much more your scene than being a high achiever. You have lived for yourself long enough and have had professional success in this material world.

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