Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

December 30 — January 5, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you are in party mode and will have a great time. Ganesha blesses you with all the goodies of life. Children, hobbies, games of chance and holidaying delight and captivate you. There are many pleasurable moments with the family. You’ve done a lot and it’s time to take life a little easy. You earn well but also spend enormously.

Taurus: There are several inhibiting factors at work and you will have to plough through them which you will with Ganesha’s help. There could be marital troubles and you may have to terminate a long association. Of course, like I always say, it all depends on the personal horoscope. Towards mid-period, you are on a growth trajectory and your life is bullish.

Gemini: You like to be dominant, in command and in control and you think big. You are not one for the tiny details. You think and believe king and queen size and aim for the stars. Your projects are always gigantic and you spend and live dangerously. You walk on coals, on ice and the tightrope. There are many projects and dangerous liaisons in your life.

Cancer: The tendency now is to go after everything that you want in the material world, without caring about what or who is in your way. You conquer, acquire and indulge yourself. But then you also begin to feel empty after all the mammoth efforts. It may be necessary to be more humble and more humane and realise that can be insufferable even if others don’t tell you that to your face.

Leo: Ganesha urges you to keep your ego, anger, impatience and delusions of grandeur in check before you embark on new projects. You are buzzing away and if these words of caution are well taken, you have nothing to fear. Many emotions are at play now. There will be time spent with family and loved ones and you will love every moment of it. But it is important that you are not arrogant toward others or assume that you have everything right.

Virgo: You have meaningful encounters with others, especially intimate one-to-one moments. Look for mutual growth at work. By trying to achieve goals set by the team you not only achieve more but are also more conscious of what you are as an individual. There are many new meanings and stimulating influences in your life now and this can be an extremely productive and growth oriented period.

Libra: You travel and have many new experiences. But this movement will be work related and not for pleasure. The direct experience of new people, places, events and happenings will be a great learning experience. You may also take time out to help with the disadvantaged sections of society. You have a strong feeling of social equity and, at this juncture in your life, you feel that justice should be tempered with mercy and compassion.

Scorpio: You make rapid expansion and sign many new deals. There could be new love interests and you happily play the field. You are a charmer with a voracious appetite and Ganesha loves your lust for life. There will also be hectic partying and many bouts of excesses. It may be a good idea to slow down.

Sagittarius: After all the indulgence, you settle for some balance and equilibrium in your life. Your affairs are also running smoothly and without much effort on your part. It is a time when you can relax and take it easy for a while as your plans are working out well and your life is in good order. This is also a time when there is rapid growth in consciousness, in your profession, in your social life, and wherever you feel that personal growth is important.

Capricorn: You enjoy yourself and also examine your life to see what needs to be done to make it better. There is equilibrium in your life and you look inside of yourself with calm and detachment. There is balance in your affair and this is a good time to give your life some perspective. Ganesha blesses you and, as always, wishes you well.

Aquarius: There is stability and rapid growth as you make ferocious progress in all areas of your life. This is a good time to achieve perspective in all possible senses of the world. It is also a good time for education, for getting in touch with yourself through self-awareness studies, or for seeing the larger picture. You don’t want to be a frog in the well and you want the macro picture.

Pisces: You want to be respected, admired and thought well of. You want to be a person of consequence and someone to reckon with. This is a great time to plan business expansion and various types of negotiations. Life is smooth and as you like it with beautiful moments with loved ones and, I must add here, some powerfully passionate moments too.

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