Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

May 25 — May 31, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you may come across many complex situations this period but you will manage to demonstrate a level of maturity that surprises yourself and manage to overcome all that is thrown at you. You will do whatever it takes to be happy. You have realised that nobody can take that away from you. You will orient yourself, evaluate the situation and develop a cognitive map.

Taurus: There are many new realisations this period. The world is changing rapidly and you are forced to confront that reality. Don’t indulge in criticism and learn to accept change, and that people around you are entitled to their beliefs and quirks. Life is dynamic. Learn to forget the past and don’t hold on to it or be by it. Every moment changes and you must learn to go with the flow.

Gemini: You realise that your own happiness is a by-product of the happiness of people around you. There is a lot of entertaining and you spend lavishly on your family and friends. You use your intelligence, imagination and knowledge to advantage and make rapid progress at work. You pore over blueprints for the home, office or a home away from home. There are many new interests which take hold of you this period.

Cancer: Life takes on a sense of adventure and there are exciting times spent outdoors. You are reliving your childhood through your children or simply engaging in activities that remind you of your youth. It’s a pleasurable experience and immensely rewarding. Things may not be hot on the relationship front but your work is both engaging and profitable.

Leo: You take a radically different approach to work and the results are all too visible. You move away from old-fashioned practices and come up with brilliant ideas which win kudos from across the board. There is little time for family as you slog away with your new work schedules and ideas. You do outstandingly well but along with this come jealousy, backbiting and a lot of bitching.

Virgo: You have recently come out of a long relationship or are thinking about an exit strategy. You feel you have been wronged and feel like you need to go on a shopping spree. You spend on apparel, jewellery, cosmetics, spirits, electronics and dining out. You are definitely indulging far more than you ever did before but it is making you feel good. You are hurting inside and prefer to bond only with your pets.

Libra: You concentrate heavily on money matters this period. Funds, loans, finances, borrowing, buying and selling will boost your self-confidence and pride. You want to experience travel and combine it with knowledge gathering. You may take an exotic vacation and may find yourself doing something adventurous, different and exciting. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated by all this and you may even wear your adventures like a badge of honour.

Scorpio: You want it all, but are often exhausted trying to get it. You don’t believe in debt, but you won’t let back of money stand in the way of buying what you want. Financial liquidity is both necessary and desirable if your goal has to be realistically achieved. You are driven and determined. But there are many moments of anxiety and bouts of depression. You feel alone, and solitude and loneliness don’t suit you.

Sagittarius: You’re dreaming and planning for the future. You’re renovating the house. Your kitchen is the primary space for connecting; it is the command centre for family interactions and coordination. Your house has always been sought after for entertaining friends. People show up unannounced because you make them feel at home. You, thankfully, take a break from work and spend time with children, pets and your beloved.

Capricorn: You work to improve your spiritual plane by helping the underprivileged and needy. You make donations to causes and offer medical aid to those who cannot afford it. They bless you from their hearts for this gesture. Ganesha too gives you his blessings. You are able to enjoy moments of relaxation and revitalisation thanks to all this.

Aquarius: You have embarked on a journey where people are looking at you for answers. You must consolidate your discretionary time. Set yourself deadlines for various activities. Time is the scarcest resource and needs to be managed well. Every aspect of your existence will be galvanised, improved, and uplifted. You will be more active at home as well and there will be harmony at work and play.

Pisces: This could be a challenging period, delays, disappointments and adverse conditions spelling out defeat and even doom. You will have to be careful and not take undue risks. Learn to compromise and don’t embark on new projects. Be wary of dangerous activities as the risk of accidents is quite high. There may also be minor illness and hospitalisation.

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