Ganesha NAstur Bekan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Birthday Horoscope

July 27 — August 2, 2020

By Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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27th: Ganesha says intense feelings of attraction and desire impel you to break through reserves to seek satisfaction or get at the truth. If it’s a family matter that needs transformation, others may bolt rather than dig deep.

28th: If you forged a strong relationship yesterday, you’ll be able to balance it with reason and stability today, especially at home. If it was on internal personal exploration, you’ll feel it steady out today.

29th: Now may be the time when all that’s gone on at home reaches a resolution, or someone announces an intention as a result. Evening moods, however, bring reckless responses from others involved.

30th: You may want to believe in someone or be looking for peaceful fun, but explosive behaviour from a partner or child destabilizes potential good times, including lunchtime anger or shopping feuds.

31st: The power to improve matters lets you leave troubles behind and enjoy refreshing interactions that make play and happy accord the primary directives. Touch base with a good friend far away.

1st: Oh happy day! Positive outlooks, bright ideas, unexpectedly good options, and faith in the future ensure that good news and good views win out!

2nd: The morning holds the energy key to the day. There’s a chance to follow up with action about a greater idea from yesterday, but don’t commit later in the day.

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