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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

May 11 — May 17, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you will be busy with several creative pursuits. There is also success, says Ganesha. You will also be busy with domestic chores like children, the spouse, in-laws and others such matters. It is a busy period and in addition to it all will be new hobbies and friends. Your plate is full and overflowing. Guard against losing your cool, says Ganesha.

Taurus: Ganesha says try not to be brusque, impatient or irritable. Ganesha says you must overcome this to get the best out of this phase. Home, family, parents and in-laws will continue to demand attention. Be careful of the health of elders and family members as well, and you must also safeguard your own. The mental stress could wear you down, if allowed to grow.

Gemini: There is a lot of movement in every sphere in the early part of the period. You move ahead with speed and purpose. Domestic issues hog centre stage. As the period progresses, you turn your attention to work and set fresh goals and get your priorities well-aligned. You will concentrate on investments, lending, borrowing, funds, to generate greater income.

Cancer: Ganesha says this is the time for love, beauty and the great joys of life. There is great bonding and many beautiful moments with loved ones. Towards the end of this period, there will be tendency to look for escape routes in food, drink and indiscreet liaisons. Take care, says Ganesha. As the period ends, there will be more stability and you will focus on work.

Leo: You have luck on your side as stars influences your slot of work and projects. Make the most of the high tide in your life. This is an excellent time for a change of job or promotion or even new collaborations or branching out. There will be both ideas and opportunities that could lead to very definite and pleasing gains. Plus you are charged and will do whatever it takes to ensure success.

Virgo: There will be domestic bliss as children and the home will be a source of happiness. You also manage to do the juggling act between work and play with efficiency. Ganesha says it will be a busy, hectic and rewarding period for you. No two ways about that. You live life king (or queen size). There is no obstacle that you cannot surmount as you display truly awesome skills at negotiations.

Libra: Ganesha says you will rise in prestige and power. But please remember that control over your temper, and emotional balance, are necessary ingredients for growth. You immerse yourself in several activities. You may find yourself engaged in more than one activity, or doing several things simultaneously. You are keen to do justice to all that’s coming your way.

Scorpio: Ganesha says there is a lot on your plate, assures Ganesha and you will be frantically looking for time to complete it all. You push hard to meet deadlines. Find time for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, yoga, community welfare and so on. You are now concerned with love, passion the pleasures of sex. You are also firmly entrenched in the more pragmatic pursuits of funds and loans, legacies and money matters.

Sagittarius: Ganesha says you are also firmly entrenched in the more pragmatic pursuits of funds and loans, legacies and money matters. This is a very pronounced trend. You will be brimming with ideas and will win kudos. There will be a rise in prestige. You are happiest when in love, when you register your greatest and most pleasing gains.

Capricorn: Ganesha says loved ones, your spouse or partner provide your exhilarating moments. There is a lot of anxiety too as there could be illness in the family and many hospital bills to be paid. The phase improves mid period. This is an action — packed time. There will be many productive and lucrative new associations. Ganesha ensures that in the midst of all the frenetic activity you also have some happy times.

Aquarius: Ganesha says several issues confront you almost simultaneously. You will be hard pressed to find the time and resolve to sort it all out. The period will be a fraught, somewhat anxious, period that may bring some tussles, conflicts or hassles. These will be more profession or job-related than personal. You try to live life in the grandest manner possible.

Pisces: Ganeha says you enjoy and ties, family, domestic bliss, and satisfaction in bonding. You turn back to your roots, maybe return home. Towards mid-period, there is money and honey, romance, partnerships and trade. There is a lot to learn and you are on the right track. There is stability and solidity to your life now. Your most important achievement will be sense of satisfaction with the direction that you have given your life.

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