Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

November 25 — December 1, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: The main thrusts of this period are finance and romance, or money and honey, as I like to call it. While you are naturally romantic, money matters will include joint accounts, loans and funds, insurance, realty, bonds and every other fiscal instrument. You will also be looking at wills and there could be a windfall from an inheritance.

Taurus: There could be profitable travel, maybe a pilgrimage or visits to tourist spots. There are expenses of all kinds and more earning too but you will also be having a lot of fun. You think large and get expansive and look at life in its several macro dimensions. Ganesha is with you right through. You will be moving fast and furious and making several new and profitable contacts.

Gemini: Your people skills have not only improved greatly but will now be your strength. Both colleagues and loved ones will support you. They will form an important part of your support system and will contribute positively in several ways. You want to project yourself well and so you work on your public and personal image. Avoid rivalries and legal contests. It will help to remain calm and more objective.

Cancer: Work on compromises on the work and personal fronts for greater harmony. You may also need to take care of your health and will have to watch your diet and exercise regimen. A health check may be a good idea. You could check in to a naturopathy centre if so inclined. Of course, like I always say, these are generalizations and a personal horoscope will provide more details.

Leo: Finances occupy your life now. Money will be the theme of this period. Tax and estate problems, marital funds and expenses, mutual profit and gifts, family divisions and other fiscal instruments will dominate your thoughts and influence your actions. Money will be the core of all your ties and interactions. There could also be partnerships and marriage, contacts, professional and business associations.

Virgo: This is a mixed bag of several disparate influences. There could also be a new romance or an old flame will enter your life and cause disruption. Tread carefully, says Ganesha. You are shooting off in many areas and moving rapidly in several tangents. This phase will bring out the best in you, but in a strange way that may not be evident or visible at first.

Libra: The focus will be on income and your assets and also partnerships, collaborations and ties. Household and family matters will also have to be handled, issues and problems addressed, and every roadblock squarely and frontally faced. There will be expenses on renovation, decoration and beautification, the buying, selling and development of land, assets and property.

Scorpio: You will also spend time in the care of elders, parents, in-laws and siblings which you do willingly and graciously. Life is looking good and you are happy. There are many surprises in store, says Ganesha. You keep giving your time, energy and resources to others and there are many demands on you from everyone — at the office and at home. They know that you will never refuse a genuine call.

Sagittarius: You display great fortitude and determination in the face of all odds and challenges. There may be a few nagging worries and fears that could escalate but you work hard and optimize your time. You get through all challenges and manage to turn enemies into friends. But despite in all there will be delays and snafus, postponements and setbacks.

Capricorn: There may also be an aborted journey. Health safeguards will be essential as work pressures mount. All these preoccupations will distract you from work and they will need to be resolved or sorted out. You must not neglect to build up reserve funds as there may be sometime in the future when you may have to dip into your savings.

Aquarius: You are faced with many demands and commitments and you walk the tightrope. You will have to master time management and the delegation of authority. Ganesha blesses you. You will have to make many changes in your life. This is a period of readjustment after a period of rapid expansion. Do not be discouraged by recent setbacks as they may be blessings in disguise as you will realize in a while.

Pisces: This is the right time to make your life more secure and stable. Be cautious and do not start any new projects now. If your expectations are too high, you may be disappointed. There will be a reality check in your work area and you will understand where to cut down on non-essentials. This could also be a testing time for personal relationships which will go through a period of trial.

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