Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

September 16 — September 22, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: You have marvellous flashes of genuine inspiration that help you accomplish whatever you set your heart on. Getting your heart’s desire could well be the theme of this period. It is almost certain that you will realise some long held dream. It could be a wish fulfilment that could be professional or personal. This is a period when you will be re-aligning goals, priorities, embarking on a self-improvement programme and even an overhaul of your outfits.

Taurus: There are happy moments and sad ones. Nothing remains stationary as life is a continuous process of movement. One needs to constantly take stock of the situation and assess one’s life. This will be one of those periods. You will add up your gains and appreciate the necessity and importance of hard work. You look purposefully at the coming period and make the necessary plans.

Gemini: Your attention shifts to more practical issues like money, loans, funds and projects of various kinds. You look at expansion if you are going solo and a promotion if employed. The domestic scene also occupies your mind. You look at links, associations, friendships, popularity, socialising and friendships, even marriage if I may stretch it a bit.

Cancer: There is travel and new associations. There is a lot of movement both physically and intellectually in this phase. You will have new experiences and will dabble in everything that is thrown on your plate. Your schedule will be frenetic. Old projects and new ones fall on your lap and you don’t want to refuse work. So this can be a crazily busy time.

Leo: You have taken on a lot and are determined to do justice to it all. There are other demands too. There is socialising, partying, hectic lobbying and networking. Rest and relaxation will be vital. Prayers, meditation, tantra and mantra, religion and rituals will give solace, strength and inspiration. There is also a large dose of love and romance.

Virgo: You manage to sail though it all with Ganesha’s help. This trend will continue for a while and you will be at the grindstone. Why complain in these recessionary times? Honour whatever work comes to you now as there could be periods when there may be nothing on your plate. It is the law of life.

Libra: There are family get-togethers. You may meet up with an old flame and share notes. Despite hectic schedules, you find time for matters of the heart. There is love and longing and your thoughts go back to beautiful moments of togetherness when the world go back to beautiful moments of togetherness when the world was a lot younger and so were you.

Scorpio: The focus is on finances and achievements, and also on bonding with those you care for. There will be parties, ceremonies and functions and you will be loving, giving and sharing. This is also a lucrative period and a good time to profit from brokerage, commissions, ties and collaborations. Ganesha wishes you well. There is peace, harmony, balance and excellence.

Sagittarius: This is a period of joyousness. You realise the value of domestic commitments and feel happy and contented when you are able to meet all the demands of family members. But you will have to strive for objectivity and see both sides of the coin if you want your relationships to grow. You will have to pace yourself and find the time for the various demands on you — — work, personal aspirations.

Capricorn: There is harmony in your life and you are in a position to change direction and focus. Your ties and bonds have been reinforced and you seem to enjoy domestic chores and commitments. In this period, work, family and filial responsibilities will all be handled with sensitivity and grace. You will be all the I’s — independent, inventive, innovative, inspirational and ingenious.

Aquarius: You are on the fast track to success. You pull out all the stops and think and plan ahead. There is a lot to do and you wonder what to prioritise and how to go about it. It could be a slightly confusing phase. There will be both personal and professional issues to address. On some counts, you may need to compromise too and meet the situation halfway.

Pisces: Personal relationships will be the focus now. But, on the whole, there is more positivity, hope and optimism. Children will be a source of joy and you will spend a lot of time pottering around in the garden. Nature walks and the outdoors will be rejuvenating. It may also be a good time to spend in a spa or naturopathy institute. Ganesha blesses you.

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