Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

October 14 — October 20, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: You start the period on a upbeat note. This is good time to incorporate the fruits of previous successes, analyse them, re-look them over and appreciate them for what they were. The whole purpose is to get to know yourself better, to understand your life in a more holistic manner and therefore be better able to take conscious control of it. There is more to life than an intellectual understanding of it; you have to understand the essence of life experiences.

Taurus: You have lived through an entire gamut of experiences, there has been an entire road show of life; you should come to grips with it all and move ahead on the basis of that understanding. This is the theme for the start of the period. Ganesha wishes you well as you plough ahead. You should watch out for mood swings and tendencies to go under when the chips are down.

Gemini: There is rapid progress despite your emotional plays which will not mar work. You are far ahead of your times and may not fit in with the humdrum demands of everyday work and life. You could easily be misunderstood too. But your business or professional life will run smoothly and employers, superiors and colleagues will appreciate the calm, controlled manner in which you handle your work.

Cancer: Harmonious relationships will also reflect your own inner stability. There may be some domestic issues including bereavement but that is all part and parcel of life. Ganesha wishes you well. There could be many expenses and emotional moments, like the children leaving home. There are many positives now. Your outlook on life has reached a point of equilibrium.

Leo: You have a good understanding of life, and everything is working well for you. This is not a time of testing and so you don’t know how well your ideas will stand up to future crises. But life is dynamic and many things that have no relevance to past experiences and lessons can happen at a terrific pace. It is imperative to keep your mind open and flexible and be ready to learn all the time.

Virgo: Do not be closed to experiences as they can often catch you in unguarded moments. Continue to examine yourself and see how you can improve your life and times. Ganesha wishes you well. There will be all types of thoughts that will hamper your growth. You move around in circles without being able to arrive at the crux of the issue. There could be a crisis in your personal relationships.

Libra: Love seems harder to come by and you may turn cold with those who have been close to you once upon a time. Or you may want to maintain contact and they may just cool off. This is a period of testing old relationships to find out whether they can survive, are still concerned about you, and if they can contribute to your life. But all this is difficult and messy. New relationships are hard to come by and you are unsure about old relationships.

Scorpio: There is some stability now and you begin to find your feet. But this is a good time to make sweeping changes, not only in your consciousness, but also in the circumstances in which you live. You have been eyeing changes for a long time now and conditions that have been developing slowly will force major changes upon you now.

Sagittarius: You may have to start a whole new phase of life. You will have to be flexible and allow the changes to enter your life. Initially, there will be a lot of resistance and you may even detest the idea of a new start in your life. But you will have a new birth of awareness and will be able to deal with your life unhampered by old patterns of thought.

Capricorn: You seek to break all barriers and doors to allow the sunlight in, metaphorically speaking. Do not despair. Ganesha will guide you the right way. This is a period of expansion and also the heavy interplay of emotions. As they say in everyday language, ‘you won’t know if you are coming or going’. There are several domestic issues to sort out including the health of a parent or an ailing relative.

Aquarius: If someone has been unwell for some time, this may be a time for emergency medical aid. Pets will also face distress and the mood will be glum all around. You get into your shell and feel even worse. There will be problems at work and spiralling expenses. You will be busy with loans, funds, and every fiscal instrument you can lay your hands on. You may be tired and dispirited.

Pisces: This is an intense period but may also be a very discouraging time. Your vital energies are pretty low, and you may feel quite incapable of dealing with the problems that may surface. This could also be a time of material and financial adversity. You may have to re-examine your attitudes toward money. It may be a good idea to cut corners and prune your lifestyle.

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