Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Birthday Horoscope

January 6 — January 12, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

6th: Ganesha says you’ll be drawn to social activities or involved with a friend, but things may feel more unstable than steady. If at an occasion, a little sugar goes a lot longer than anything harsher.

7th: Things go wrong with work relations or with siblings or neighbours, like bad blood rising. Fortunately, someone from the family has a fair, judicious idea or assessments that can restore harmony.

8th: Things can go wrong from any number of angles. Power struggles, resistance, or secrets bought, sold, and supposed to be confidential may make today seem like a bad spy novel.

9th: If something bitter arises in the morning, possibly regarding work, health, or commitments, it could take another sudden, startling turn. Methods and moods are unreliable and erratic.

10th: The Moon is in your emotional sign, giving you rising tides of feeling; but trust that after every intrusion there’s reason and, by late tonight, warm unity and affection again.

11th: If there are financial affairs to attend to — a banking matter, paying bills, paperwork — keep a sharp eye on the details. Later, someone at home gladly lends a helping hand if needed.

12th: There may be a sudden decision or announcement today that shakes things up or brings a change. It could involve a home-work situation where what gets said impacts the other area.

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