11 Mukhi Rudraksha (Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla)

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

May 4 — May 10, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says Balance, peace, a sense of equipoise are all there for you from the beginning. You are in greater harmony with your environment — both at home and at work. There is far less tension as a result. Loved ones, family and spouse see the tender, caring side of you and love it, as you do! You’re virtually willing to go out on a limb to do things for those who matter to you. It makes the domestic scene comfortable, happy, relaxed.

Taurus: This period it’s all about people, your reactions to, as well as interaction with them. There’s a greater depth in all relationships. Even if you don’t get on with someone, you will be intense about it. So also with those you love / care for / are affectionate with, there is greater intensity. In any case, you have to think about and keep busy with your own keenness, not only to handle money matters, but to create / explore new avenues of earning.

Gemini: Hard work is your mainstay now. You want to get places — and in a real hurry, too. You’re happy at the workplace and it’s easy to put in your best. Effort and enterprise fuse beautifully. It’s all the result of your own changed attitude which is more attuned to, and in harmony with, those around you. A good start, indeed, says Ganesha. Harmony at work reflects on the home front too.

Cancer: You’re thinking big, and operations are now definitely on the mega — scale for you, says Ganesha. Larger financial issues like funds / loans / taxes / stock options are handled, perhaps for the office / business. You need to continue to be realistic and also gentle in your handling of all this. However, the main trend for this month is strongly and squarely on family and money matters, though not necessarily in that order.

Leo: You realise that your future happiness depends on choices made now — it is your own attitude that will decide whether you’re a winner or not. It is in this context that you will deal with finances, too. Once again, there will be a preoccupation with extra income — you think of extra work, moonlighting, even a job — switch if it will help matters. BUT there is no selfish motive in the spurt in your creativity and inventiveness — it’s all for others, whom you love and care for. You gain much in terms of strength and support as well as inspiration.

Virgo: An about — turn seems to come over you in this phase. Your mood is one of rashness, or certainly a keenness to take calculated risks, in an attempt to brighten future prospects. This will apply almost equally to matters that affect your pocket and your heart. Perhaps you need to think seriously and pray for inspiration to make the right choices. It’s not a time for bluster and bravado. You are convinced that you (and by extension your family) want a better lifestyle and so embark seriously on shifting to a better house / locality.

Libra: Ganesha sends you a time in which you will bend every sinew to get things just right. Ideas flood in and preoccupy your mind greatly, mainly regarding new ventures / deals. You enjoy challenges at work, too, and are extremely realistic in the stance you take if / when problems arise. Not bad going at all, applauds Ganesha. Your thinking has put you dead — centre on the right track! It will reflect most strongly in those aspects of life where equality of partners is desirable — both love / marriage and business. Also, in striving to balance income and expenditure.

Scorpio: You’re energized, enthusiastic, forward — looking. In this phase, your plans may go into top gear. A marvellous boost to your creativity as I’ve just said. You also derive strength and support as well as inspiration from close friends, family and your spouse / partner. Closeness, bonding, “good vibes”, and therefore, meaningful achievements all come to you. You are open to new ideas, new approaches.

Sagittarius: A time when you will re — think your priorities, and two strong concerns — achievements at work, and pleasurable times with family — emerge as equally balanced. You experience a sense of satisfaction in both and what could be better? It’s what most people strive for. You continue to be more restrained, more low — key in all your activities. Funds and finances are low — key, but are approaching a point of either clearer investment or shared use so that there is a sense of achievement.

Capricorn: A period of daring, courage and determination. You are willing, even eager, to take risks, chance your arm and your heart. You are willing to lay down your heart for your sweetheart to trample over, if it gets you what you want, but it just may not. A lot of hurt comes from such attitudes; they also go unappreciated for the most part. This realisation will come and it mellows you, so that you will be less demanding and more reasonable in your approach to both work and relationships.

Aquarius: Courage came to you last period, and the testing times comes now. A fraught and hectic period that keeps you on your toes. The reasons are: a) sky — high expenses and outflow of money; b) extra assignments, perhaps even a stint of moonlighting to cope with expenses; in short, extra work, c) putting yourself out on a limb in your efforts to help someone else whom you have sympathy for. Risks and chances need to be weighed carefully.

Pisces: A sense of ease and relaxation come to you in this phase; you are far less keyed — up, much more laid — back than before. It could be because the theme of the new monthly trend is family, and family matters. This is partly because of your own sympathetic handling of matters that pertain to your property, house and home, ancestral property / wealth / assets shared with other members / relatives / kin.

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