Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

March 9 — March 15, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says it is not really disruptive, but it can get out of hand if you don’t keep a close watch over it. You need to get more secure in who you are and what you are doing. Then there won’t be this crazed need to break free and take ill-considered actions. You may still feel like doing something that is significantly different from your normal routine.

Taurus: You have a great desire to buck the trend. The family is fine and work continues as usual. But you need to get a hold on your mood swings. Ganesha is with you despite it all. Your thought processes are in turmoil. You live in the mind now and there is a hint of chaos. There are inflated expectations, excessive and impractical idealism and sudden disappointments.

Gemini: You need to make a concerted effort to keep your feet on the ground. You are also ego driven and ready to take foolish risks. But this is certainly no time for any form of speculation or gambling. You should avoid any sort of overconfidence that could possibly trip you. You will make money and new investments but do not overextend yourself financially.

Cancer: Ganesha admits that despite all this, you work hard and achieve a lot. There will be vigorous growth in job prospects and you will be happy in the end. All’s well that ends well. A very practical phase sets in and you count pennies. Your intrinsic idealism is also aroused. You feel that the world should be a better place and you may get involved with some extreme religious, spiritual or mystical sect.

Leo: You must learn to cope without props. You look for freedom but you first have to define the word in your context and then find fitting solutions. You are looking for profound answers to life’s disturbing questions. The answers will come in due course, says Ganesha. Don’t be in a hurry as everything has a time and a plan. Learn to be calm and patient.

Virgo: There are many expenses and travel is also on the cards. You are firing away on all cylinders and making waves. Your heartstrings are also pulled. You are filled with compassion for others. You want to help people, particularly the less fortunate, and share whatever good fortune you have. But make sure that the people you are assisting will get some real benefit as you are very likely to be preyed on by people who want to take advantage of your generosity.

Libra: This is an intense phase and you fall madly in love. There is a new partner in your life and you spend quality time with this person who has emerged out of the blue. This distracts you tremendously and throws routine into the bin. There may also be sudden, unexpected events that will test your ability to withstand change. You ask yourself searching questions. Your work and life is under a cloud.

Scorpio: You wonder if your romantic escapade is just that — an escapade. There are challenges from the outside world and even from psychological forces within. Despite the questions and self-doubts, there is travel on the cards and many collaborations. This new relationship may also give you luck. It may be worth investing in. Let it flow and reach its natural conclusion. Ganesha promises you good times.

Sagittarius: You get very sensitive and emotional and your soul is cut into several slices. You may need to make many changes in your life. It may be necessary to break free from circumstances that you encounter in your work. There may even be limiting circumstances in your persona life. There are several obstacles preventing you from doing what you have to do and you rebel.

Capricorn: There is expansion at work but your mind is torn and you cannot focus. There may be illness in the family and court cases. You may lose money and your life could be in some disarray. It is by no means a dangerous period, but it can be very stressful. Hold tight, says Ganesha. You are busy with new travel plans. There are meetings and new sponsors for your ideas. But your mind needs to be sorted out before you zoom ahead.

Aquarius: Your job could be progressing perfectly well and your personal life may be fulfilling, but there could be some unexpected incident that forces you to analyse your life and work. You may have to re-evaluate your relationships to the various groups you belong to and to the workplace and, most importantly, to the person who loves you. You risk losing recently found stability.

Pisces: You are torn by emotions. You can’t think straight and your mind is a swamp. You are on edge. You look for new openings and are fickle and fastidious. You also find deficiencies in your mate / spouse / partner and there could be unhappy times because of this. You seem to be on a fault-finding spree with everything. This mood is contagious and your colleagues and family don’t like it one bit. You stick to nothing; commitment seems such an alien word right now.

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