Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Birthday Horoscope

December 9 — December 15, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

9th: Ganesha says being easy going is a wonderful quality, but it’s not appropriate in all situations or with all people. Be careful not to put yourself at a disadvantage by bluffing to mask a lack of confidence, knowledge, or skill.

10th: The Moon puts its spotlight on relationships in a way that require participants to bring them into better balance. Attachments with those near and fare are accented and require consideration.

11th: Though it might seem otherwise, consider the possibility that information that is at your disposal is inconclusive or even misleading. If doesn’t hurt double-check.

12th: There is likely to be a foul-up of sorts concerning weekend plans. You could be caught off guard by delays or misunderstandings. Missed communications are the likely reason for bottlenecks.

13th: Communication faces challenges, as does travel. Bring diplomacy, tact, and fair-mindedness to bear on all your relationships and dealings. Reach out and connect, but be prepared to change perspectives.

14th: Information seems hard to come by, either because of circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control or because someone intentionally withholds it. Focus like a laser on getting what you need. Avoid power games.

15th: If you have to put up with a long face on a friend or member of a group, it certainly could cramp your social style. On the other hand, you could let your sunny personality come to a troubled soul’s rescue.

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