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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

June 15 — June 21, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you may have been confused about some vital issues; you have probably been feeling as if you’re cut off from home-base, or lacking in direction. At any rate, you’re restless, if not dissatisfied. You are filled with the desire to change tack in your voyage through life. You travel, or change locations in terms of work/home, or both. Both you also change tack from the mundane, to spiritual pursuits, the study of philosophy, greater learning.

Taurus:- You think and act on a cosmic scale this week. The harmony surrounding you is very gratifying and inspires much giving. There is property and other benefits coming from the order and routines you have created. Ganesha says that you now share it on a very large scale! Harmony is another name for Libra, after all, so this phase is all about that! Pleasurable relationships with loved ones/family, and free-flowing connections make you want to give of yourself.

Gemini:- You’re equally generous this week, but with yourself, loved ones, family, i.e. closer home. Fun, excitement, the pleasures of shopping together for things of beauty/pleasure/entertainment. The reason is mental/emotional, rather than acquisitiveness or materialism, says Ganesha. A fresh, new mindset emerges now. You can take criticism and carping at face value and choose not to retaliate in kind.

Cancer:- The ‘good’ and ‘feel-good’ factors are equally strong this week, too. You have continued to grow spiritually, and also in your total outlook/philosophy of life. Now you reap the benefits. First, this reflects in your far-more-accepting attitude, so that your loved ones bask in the warmth of your care and affection. Second, you can wring the maximum from life, not only in terms of pleasure, enjoyment, excitement, but also rest and true relaxation.

Leo:- Success has many names, many dimensions-now it’s relationships and the human factor! As a spill over or carryover, whichever you call it, this phase and monthly trend is purely and simply people-time. It’s as Kipling has said in his famous poem, “If all men matters to you, but none too much.” You have broadened not only your outlook, but also perceptions of people and your communication with them. Love is true and romantic.

Virgo:- A phase in your own sign is bound to help you carry on the good work you’ve been doing. And this good work is both personal/domestic and job-related. In, fact, professionally, there will be an easy flow of good things in your field of work, and greater enjoyment. This will not pertain only to work. Prosperity will grow from your inspired efforts, original ideas/techniques with prosperity. Worries do tend to fade away.

Libra:- You get a nasty jolt, in terms of a setback to your progress and plans. Ganesha says, it will not last, so keep going. You may have to wait longer than you thought! Here comes a period when both profession/work demands and responsibilities, as well as financial ones, will increase very suddenly and rapidly.

Scorpio:- Here come the rewards-not too delayed, after all, and truly well-deserved. You can give work, in fact, life itself, your best shot. So can your children, who will satisfy you by realising their full potential and talents. There is no room for doubts and despair. You are aware of both your rights and your duties and want both in equal measure. Spiritual gains, supernatural, metaphysical and arcane matters of spirituality, philosophy, even worship, will interest you.

Sagittarius:- While your focus on getting on in life, getting ahead, too, does not waver, the more exciting and esoteric aspects of life, faith and religion draw your attention greatly. Ganesha counsels you not to make haste, but progress slowly. It will be worth it! You are doing the ground work for future glory, fame, recognition, achievements in both finances and domestic life. And the manner in which you go about it is not dogged or digilant, it’s full of flair and brilliance, even though you work hard.

Capricorn:- I would call this phase a slowdown, not a setback, but the pace slackens, in terms of progress. In fact, it’s an uphill trek, demanding much endurance, but you do it” You deal with campaigns, ceremonies, workload, public matters, but there is a good fallout coming. You can almost see it. What you can also see, almost clearly, is that Ganesha/God/Allah/Christ, whatever you choose to name Him, is there for you. He will reward those who are truly faithful.

Aquarius:- You have remained unfazed and constant in the face of adversity and problems. This makes for greater harmony at home, better relationships all round. Of course, there is much more efficiency at work, too. You will enjoy power and authority in your work, helping people feel more love in the midst of things because you accept their limitations compassionately. In fact, the delays in progress are translated into opportunities for gains — though not necessarily material ones.

Pisces:- Your trials and tribulations will disappear this week. Of course, they may(in fact, will) come back at some time, but right now, there is much joy in your life. What we saw last week was a monthly trend, so the faith in yourself, confidence and determination are seen now, too. You can make almost superhuman efforts, and you do so with ease. Targets, plans, deadlines, assignments — you take them all in your stride. Efficiency and output at work are wonderful, but that’s not all.

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