Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

March 2 — March 8, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says this is a great period for sure. Your popularity and productivity will be at an all-time high. Ganesha promises a lot of frenetic activity in this period. You will be inventive, assertive, inspirational and ingenious. You get whatever you set your sights on, and what more is there to say now? As the period advances, the moon raises your sensitivities to a sharp, cutting edge.

Taurus: You enter a lucky phase and are helped by strangers and friends. You make significant gains in your personal and domestic life. This is an excellent time to embark on new projects or to conclude any kind of transaction. You move ahead full throttle and nothing can stop you now. This is a lucky phase and I urge you to make the most of it. As I always say, there will be money and honey for the asking.

Gemini: There is a lot of going for you this period. This is action time and you make rapid progress on all fronts. There is success and many domestic obligations to consider too. The continued impact of stars makes life even more pleasing. There is also great love and passion in store for you. Make the right choices as your plate could be overflowing.

Cancer: Ganesha ensures that you have the strength of mind to think clearly and make the right choices. As the period moves on, you realize that a lot of what you had thought of situations and persons in the past does not hold good anymore and you are willing to change and see the brighter side of things. There is no room for negativity and you need to operate from a higher consciousness.

Leo: There will be many collaborations and meetings and reunions with old friends. There will also be family gatherings and you will be in celebratory mode. There is a lot on your plate. Ganesha insists that travel, trade, commission, brokerage, higher studies, journeys and relationships, a grand reaching out to people and places, great mental astuteness and alertness, neighbourly ties, community service and social interactions of all kinds with hold forth.

Virgo: There is international travel and you make connections that will play a vital role in the years to come. The focus is on family matters: children’s health and education, relations with the spouse or partner and the health of elders. You are filled with revolutionary ideas which will force a transformation of some kind in your life. You learn a lot in this filmmakers, artists and photographers.

Libra: Ganesha says that this period is the focal point from the professional front. The focus shifts to the more personal arena of house, home and property. Pay extra attention to personal well-being and family investments. There is stability in your affairs and you move ahead with big plans. You are reaching out to the stars, if I may say so. With a little foresight and wisdom, you will do wonders.

Scorpio: You begin the period well. You are filled with caution and prudence and take careful baby steps. You are ambitious but if you are not careful our life can be drab and boring. Please remember that life is many splendoured and is not just about work and deadlines which is what you have made it out to be.

Sagittarius: You have many insecurities and can be difficult to get along with; ask your near and dear ones and they will tell you the truth. You need to open your heart and mind to the limitless possibilities existing in the world. Learn to be less critical and less fastidious. Learn to love and be loved; try to loosen up a bit. Be less suspicious to others. If you have been unwell the previous period, you will show signs of recovery now.

Capricorn: You will be moving fast and getting things done in a trice. Money is a major preoccupation in your life, whether you like it or not. You need to be stable and like your larder well stocked. You will make rapid progress and earn well. You also have a spiritual bent of mind and Ganesha will protect you no matter what happens. This is a period for emotions to boil over.

Aquarius: Your ego gets in the way and superimposes itself over common sense despite your rational mind telling you to let go of it. There may be tense moments with others who seem to be getting in your way all the time. You may also get into disputes with colleagues over trifles. There will be misunderstandings that can be avoided. This influence challenges your sense of security.

Pisces: There is a lot of work on your plate but you need to prioritize. You need to brush up on people management skills. Ganesha urges you to show more restraint. There are many beautiful moments with close family and friends in this period. Make the most of it. The effects of this influence are unconscious and could lead to eruptions of energy which you are not quite sure what to do with.

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