Shree Ganeshaya Namah
Birthday Horoscope
February 17 — February 23, 2020
By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
17 th : Ganesha says a relationship problem can set
off resistance, jealousy, or frustration, but don’t
forget the power of understanding and a little bit
of charm.
18 th : The love might be coming from your
professional zone, which could make a closer
companion feel neglected or get a little cranky
about it.
19 th : A.M. moods may be too aggressive until a
late-morning surprise turns things around.
Tonight, a friend may supply warm
20 th : Whatever resonated between you and
another yesterday reheats to a perfect slimmer
today. Catch the waves as early this A.M. as you

21 st : A private lunchtime talk can bring mutual
understanding and agreement, but watch for
late-afternoon gloominess. Look for ways to
22 nd : You have practical skills and know how
things work, so your efforts bring big
improvements. If you’re in a competition, you’ve
got the physical prowess to endure in a contest
toward the victory line.
23 rd : Come mid-morning you feel warmer
emotions starting to fill the room. But there’s the
urge to take a chance, too. Don’t risk too much.
Results can bring lucky returns as well as a big

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