Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Birthday Horoscope

June 8 — June 14, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

8th: There’s a chance to move a relationship to more satisfying level, make a commitment, or lay down rules concerning people who play a role in your emotional life. Set the date for a party or family event

9th: The focus is on your social life, which becomes high — placed and active, and you’re likely in an excellent frame of mind for enjoying it to the hilt. It pays to keep plans loose and go with the flow.

10th: There’s potential for fun, good ideas, and enjoyment out there if you’ll just avail yourself of it. For opportunity to manifest, you first have to open your mind to the wonderful possibilities.

11th: Ganesha says feelings pertaining to home / family are intense, providing motivation to invest time, energy, emotion, and even money into making things more harmonious — any of which will be well spent.

12th: The Moon gives that itchy foot to travel, have an adventure, or take some risks. Being out-spoken is inevitable now, but that can get you into trouble as well as provide advantages.

13th: It’s not an especially favourable for travel, study, exploring new places and option or breaking new ground. The past has too strong a bold. You can run into a few snags around home

14th: Don’t sell yourself short. A business meeting results in benefits. You can make a splendid impression on those you contact. The fulfilment of an ambition is in reach through subtle maneuvering.

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