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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

July 6 — July 12, 2020

By Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha says you are filled with fire and decide that you have to come to grips with reality; enough is enough. You can’t live in a fantasyland all your life. You make the most of all your powers and skills. The focus is on research, discoveries, inventions, new fields of study, meetings, conferences, interviews and committees. This is an action-packed time.

Taurus: Ganesha says journeys are rewarding as you travel for both business and pleasure. There will be many productive and lucrative new associations. You work hard to convert your dreams into reality. There will also be a lot of time spent on fiscal instruments. You will be busy with taxes, loans, funds, investments, insurance and other financial transactions.

Gemini: Ganesha says there is buying and selling, the signing of lease documents, contracts, instruments of negotiation, promissory notes and so on. You will be stretched and will be running from pillar to post. Ganesha is with you. The hectic times continue, but there are beautiful bonding moments too. Ganesha ensures that in the midst of all the frenetic activity you also have some happy times.

Cancer: Ganesha says you are still busy with financial affairs and this takes up most of your time. In the midst of it all, you also seek spiritual solace, metaphysical truths, and deeper insights into life. The mood is different — quieter, perhaps even meditative, as there is more introspection and self-assessment. You are interested in forming genuine and very close bonds with others.

Leo: Ganesha says you look for solace and visit places of worship. There could be overseas trips too as well as foreign collaborations. Ganesha is with you all the way. The Moon is in your sign and there is love, luck, passion, harmony and the good things of life. You make many grand purchases of feel good. Children bring great joy and you spend a lot of time with the family. You enjoy your interactions with people and there will be all kinds of bonds and ties, family, domestic bliss, and satisfaction in bonding with loved ones and relatives, even of an older generation.

Virgo: Ganesha says n this period your heredity and your family will be the theme. You turn back to your roots, maybe return home if you have been away for long and spend time with domestic issues. Family matters do get resolved, but with the usual strife and turmoil. Normally, this would have bothered you but you smile it off and the mood is contagious. All is well, says Ganesha happily.

Libra: Ganesha says there is a lot of work ahead and a lot of your time could be spent away from the home. As I always insist, there are mere generalizations and astrology never compels. Ganesha knows that. Specifics will depend on personal horoscopes. In this phase you will also concern yourself with appraisals of your own limitations. You look at improving your own assets, both material and non-material, and are keen on expanding your role in the community, society, your environment.

Scorpio: Ganesha says you are in the throes of self-analysis as you want to grow into a better human being. Along with all this, work continues without a halt. There is money and honey, romance, partnerships and trade. There is a lot to learn and you are on the right track, most certainly. There is stability and solidity to your life now. You slog away and may even be away on an overseas visit.

Sagittarius: Ganesha says most of the time spend away from home will be for professional reasons. This is a period in which you can do a lot and make solid progress. This is also a mixed period in which you feel that you may have been pursuing wrong goals all along. This could be a taxing period. There is also passion and sex, some neuroses, anxiety, minor ailments and an unsettled feeling to contend with.

Capricorn: Ganesha says you turn to prayer, meditation, chants. All this will help re-activate, energize and strengthen the spiritual side of your nature. You will regain a sense of peace and calm. You will choose serenity over concrete material gains. Ganesha is happy for you. As the heat and the dust gather over the sub-continent, you try to live life in the grandest manner possible.

Aquarius: Ganesha says your most important gain, triumph, achievement, will be the sense of satisfaction with the direction that you have given your life. You have also been ethical and that is saying a lot in these times! This is a joyous phase with many good tidings. There is travel, journeys for fun or for work, partnerships and ties, whether new or old, greater joy in matrimony.

Pisces: Ganesha says there will be new pursuits, new interests, and a new slant on life as newer vistas open up all the time. You have been through all the challenges and now are well prepare to taste the fruits of your hard work. Success on these terms is indeed sweet. Ganesha is pleased. There will be many new developments as your money worries get resolved and you look at fun times with new eyes.

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