Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

November 18 — November 24, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says this is a strong situation. You are both practical and idealistic. You are torn by several compulsions. This is one of the most idealistic times in your life and you are filled with sympathy for others. You want to reach out and help the whole world. You may work with the sick and disadvantaged in some institutional setting or spend time with a religious group or some guru.

Taurus: You are moving ahead at a furious pace. Many things are on your plate. There are practical issues and your newfound idealism to deal with. During this time, you may also begin to take an interest in philosophy and religion as you want to know how you fit into the universal order. You spend time on abstractions and how they relate to your life. You are looking at new insights into your life that will make it much more meaningful. There are also expansion.

Gemini: You live larger than life. Ganesha feels that you overextend yourself. You may push too hard and really hurt yourself in the bargain. You feel that anything you do will work out all right. You take risks and gamble away. I don’t mean to say that you are rank unlucky. All I am saying is that there may not be stability and direction in what you are doing. This is not an especially lucky or lucky influence. All it does is make you confused. You live in a bubble of illusion. You spend too much and make erratic and sometimes unwise decisions.

Cancer: The Moon and your mind is wandering like the Ganges estuaries. It is going everywhere and forming rivulets wherever there is soft ground. Sometimes, particular event triggers off this period of soul — searching. Or it could be just the workings of an idle mind. There could be problems in your business or professional life. You may feel weak and insecure and people may take advantage of your apparent weakness. You look around for answers and seek out god men or gurus. There may be some solace in them but the final answers have to come out of your core.

Leo: You come to grips with life, with the situation that holds you by the scruff of its neck and shakes you like a wet boy. I must add here, like I always do, that I am mere human and these are just generalisations. You must recognise the fact that some aspects of your life need to be questioned and worked on. Take the bull by the horns and work on changing the situation. Make whatever changes are appropriate. This is a time of testing.

Virgo: You are on firmer ground. You are wading through the maze of your mind and finding fulfilment. You are making new beginnings. You are ready to take on more responsibility and hard work. You look hard at the successful conclusion of projects on hand. You examine your mistakes and realise that no one else but you are to blame. There is also stability at home and there is joy in the family.

Libra: There is a flurry of activity. There is travel, new associations, many friends and encounters that take your breath away. There may be a roll in the hay and your indiscretion could cost you dearly. There is a lot of experimentation in your life now. There will be many experiences now and you have to go with the flow. Ganesha is an ally and will support you wholeheartedly. But take care not to overextend yourself and take on new projects. You could develop health issues.

Scorpio: There is emotion and new love. You spend tender moments in the arms of your beloved. Remember, I am using the singular here with great deliberation. You have a tendency to sow your wild oats. Go for it, but watch your step. You help out with charities and give yourself freely to missions. No one understands you now. You are a strange bundle of contradictions. You are both ecstalic and mournful. Even you do not know where to hide.

Sagittarius: You are moving ahead in many directions. You are a maze of pulls and pressures. You are in the midst of people and yet may feel cut off from others and lonely too. You are not alone but you are certainly lonely. There may be new love affairs. An old relationship may break up now. Do not dwell on it. Move on, focus, concentrate your energy and don’t scatter it. There is travel and many new expenses too.

Capricorn: There is beauty and joy in your life. You spend on goodies without watching your pocket. You could be out on the first ball or even hit wicket on a wide. It is a silly way to get out. You could even score a self goal or miss a penalty when it could have been the decider. I know. This is the nature of life and existence. You go where it takes you and often not where you want to be. Ask Ganesha for guidance.

Aquarius: You are forging ahead on all cylinders and making headway in all your undertakings. You are succeeding in unravelling all the webs that have imprisoned you. This can be a very imaginative period and you can use it positively and well. You are more in touch with reality and yet allow your imagination to soar. You are both rational and intuitive and this is, most certainly, a great way to be.

Pisces: You are on the go with new ventures and adventures. There will be more than the usual expenses as you could also be planning a holiday with family and friends. Health is good too and there is happiness all around. You have nothing to complain about. Your peer group rallies around you as you rise steadily in your career. There could be new love too and you spend quality time in the arms of amora! Ganesha is by your side making your sojourn in this planet as comfortable as possible. You are filled with optimism and hope.

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