Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

June 8 — June 14, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you have worked hard to consolidate your position and now feel confident that your finances are stable. You have taken a lot of risks earlier which could have led to some degree of loss at work. You are now cautious and read the fine print carefully. There is better rapport too between you and your co-workers and boss. You could be involved in developing new contacts or more business for your support and approval of your boss / superiors.

Taurus: This is a time to slow down but it won’t be easy as your sights are firmly fixed on making more money. Children / siblings / extended family will crave and need your attention and your time. Health may need attention too and alternative therapies will prove effective. Visits to places of worship will calm your agitated mind. You look for truth and the meaning of life, and may seek out a guru for guidance. But you have nothing to worry on the material plane as your bank balance is quite strong.

Gemini: Your interest in money matter continues and you think of ways and means to increase your assets. You love making money and spending it too. You can also be flamboyant and make it a point to display your material worth. Meetings with financial planners, and dealing with loans, funds, assets will keep you occupied. There will be fun times too with social and outings with loved ones. This is a good period in life and you taste success in whatever you do.

Cancer: The financially hectic period of the past period slows down and there is sense of a quiet and calm now. This low key period could propel you to seek out adventures and shake things up a bit. Nothing ventured, nothing gained — so true in your case, and you are ready to try your luck, gamble away your money, and also seek out adventures of the heart. You might even find the courage to propose to your sweetheart, and then there may be an engagement or marriage on the cards.

Leo: Keep your bags packed as you may have many trips this coming period. Yes, says Ganesha, be prepared to take overnight trips or short getaways for both work and pleasure. Meeting new people and even those you have lost touch with, personally or through email, phone or snail mail is not ruled out. Check out new technology to raise your communication levels. There will be some obstacles at work but the family and close friends are behind you like a rock to motivate and support you.

Virgo: It is definitely ‘Relationship time’ now as the new moon phase draws your attention to those who have added value to your life. You also have the co-operation and support of your boss and co-workers. People find you pleasant and agreeable as you go out of your way to help others in need. There may be a windfall now and you could gain a lot from an inheritance which you didn’t expect. Loans / interest / bonuses and even payments stuck for a long time will now be accessible to you.

Libra: A really busy period, even a hectic one, as everyday chores take your time. Despite leaving you totally engrossed and sometimes exhausted, it is still an enjoyable period. You also manage to find time for your spiritual aspirations. Apart from work, there are social interactions and quality time spent with friends, family and loved ones. You love entertaining and being entertained and there will be plethora of outings, picnics and get — togethers. You will be the soul of the party.

Scorpio: Your fine interactions with people, especially with family members / work associates have been enjoyable and even empowering. The introspective phase gives way to more pressing, earthly concerns. The welfare and security of your loved ones is of paramount importance now and you need to take care of their needs and wants. There could be unexpected expenses as you over — reach yourself to the family assets and also your personal wealth.

Sagittarius: Your sustained hard work now bears fruit. It is payback time now and Ganesha showers you with rewards. Salary raises, promotions and perks are part of this well — deserved package and you will have to take care that it doesn’t bloat your ego further. Other money — related matters such as funds, loans, deposits, taxes, trade, agencies, legal matters could give you gains, both expected and unexpected, and could become a cause of great jubilation at home.

Capricorn: You love to make money and you make a lot of it quite effortlessly, is the new moon in your own sign initiates a trend of gains. Money continues to flow into your coffers through rents, leases, loans and promissory notes. A good bank balance makes you feel secure. You may have to spend a lot of time on negotiations and deals; and buying / selling of assets, and making acquisitions. Your life is on an upswing in this period trend and you work at a new image for yourself. You may go in for a makeover and change your wardrobe, hair style and even body image.

Aquarius: It is definitely money that is in focus this period. A strong financial foundation is what you hanker after, as it gives you a feeling of security. You do this through prudent and long — term investment in land, property, assets and stock holdings. This will give you the necessary push to achieve success and, in the process, develop your identity too. Everything falls smoothly into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, almost pre — ordained and without any great effort on your part.

Pisces: You have been working very hard this period and could have neglected your emotional relationships in the bargain. Romantic matters now come into sharp focus and you bond with your partner in a powerful way. You feel good about it and this, fortunately, infuses a feel — good factor which also colours your ties with your colleagues, co — workers, siblings and even extended family. The mood is contagious and everyone is happy. Those who are unattached can expect to find love too.

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