Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

January 6 — January 12, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you are in expansion mode and there are many expenses as you buy and sell furiously. This is a very good period and you plough away with serious, single-minded determination. The emphasis is on property, land, realty, construction and joint investments. There will be solid gains, acquisitions, assets. This is a lucky phase and everything will fall easily on your lap.

Taurus: The right choices will come easy to you, and inspired moves will be the result. You make progress without difficulty. There could be travel and many new agreements to be inked. You think big and plan big and earn big. There could also be beautiful moments with loved ones. Ganesha blesses you. You are in the throes of passion. There will be many new relationships and if you are committed to one partner there will be several engrossing and beautiful moments that will be cherished for a long time to come.

Gemini: The focus now is on partnerships of all kinds. You will feel the need to re-evaluate your attitudes and perceptions so that you can do justice not only to your own hopes / aspirations but also to other people’s expectations of you. You could feel a bit stretched with the various demands on you. There could be some domestic problems too.

Cancer: Children, especially teenagers, could be very troublesome and you may have a tough time disciplining them. There could be other problems too with the spouse or partner, depending on your personal horoscope. There could also be illness in the family and elders may need to be hospitalised. Ganesha wishes you good luck while you grapple with whatever is thrown at you.

Leo: The focus is on people now. Your relation to and interactions with others will be of great significance. The emphasis is on social service, work, performance, your relationship with your boss, colleagues and subordinates and on extending a helping hand to those who need it. You are preoccupied with kin, neighbours, near and dear ones, as well as your own immediate family.

Virgo: Loans and fiscal investments will work out in your favour and you may now find yourself more comfortable financially than in the recent past. There is progress but replace egoism with balance. Please exert some control over hasty, belligerent reactions. Ganesha blesses you as you go about setting your house in order. You will be meeting people from all walks of life and there will be many new relationships formed.

Libra: This is an excellent time to achieve real stability in your relationships. There will be harmony as your personal needs will not conflict with the demands of the relationships. You know who you are and what others need from you. Your vision is clear, you know what you want and what to expect from others, and you are not likely to enter a relationship under the spell of romantic illusions.

Scorpio: There will be romance if you are so inclined and through it you will understand yourself more clearly. When you understand your emotions and drives, you get to know yourself much better. All relationships now will provide a window to your soul. Ganesha is with you. You are a on weeding out and pruning process and busy getting rid of all associations that were in appropriate or didn’t quite fit in.

Sagittarius: You are looking for quality and real value to understand yourself in relation to others as you want to tune in to the real you. This is a time when you attract only those people who help you expand your awareness. So there will be many interesting counters for you to savour and learn from. This, of course, doesn’t in any way mean that all your relationships will be strictly personal.

Capricorn: This is a good time for collaborations and new projects. Your negotiations are more solid, you know your real needs are able to appreciate the other person’s requirements better, and whatever you decide on can be mutually profitable. There is creativity and discipline as you embark on new vistas at work and play.

Aquarius: You may even examine difficult and exacting techniques as long as they are practical or useful; the bottom-line is that you are sincerely looking for solutions. Ganesha is with you all the way. You will be meeting different people as the trend has already begun and various aspects of your life will be transformed. You will travel and may even settle down in a foreign land.

Pisces: You could meet up with someone from a totally different culture and get hitched or you could simply get a promotion or take up a new job on another continent. Try to go with the flow, says Ganesha as there will be many disruptions and you will try to resist them in the beginning. It will be much later that you will understand the true import of all the changes.

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