Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

January 27 — February 2, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says the mood now is softer. It is one of conciliation, a willingness to meet people more than halfway, as you work your magic in the world of business and high finance. A whole new mindset finds you caring and sharing, working, helping others, bonding in various ways, affecting major shake-ups in the office and / workplace.

Taurus: Your humane and caring approach is well received and appreciated. There will be some domestic issues to deal with, including the health of elders at home; children will also be an area of concern. Ganesha is with you. There is great intensity in your life now. You are passionate, excited and excitable. Minor health problems are also likely.

Gemini: There is a dramatic shift in your perspective as loans and funds, sex and passion, create a volatility and restlessness within you. Prayer and the right use of tantra, mantra and meditation will help. There will be exciting, even fascinating times as you are galvanised into a creative pursuit of goals. All this work may find your over-extended as you cope with increased pressures.

Cancer: You need to pace yourself; strive for streamlining and greater efficiency in your affairs. Learn to delegate so that you can take time off. Leisure is also important and you should learn the joys of simply goofing off. Ganesha wishes you well. You are doing many things at the same time. You are giving off your best at work and socially.

Leo: You will be totally absorbed in the domestic scene, the house and home, along with working at a punishing pace. There is a lot on your plate; try not to go under with this monumental burden. Learn to make time to relax, to pursue hobbies, pleasure activities, sport and exercise. The numerous demands of family / domestic life / extended family, though demanding, will also be immensely pleasurable.

Virgo: You feel that you have got your affairs in order and now you want to enjoy the fruit of your labours. You have worked hard to achieve whatever you have and are now determined to enjoy a taste to luxury, passion, comforts, and the good life. You are on high and the good times roll by without too much effort; almost every goodie seems to fall on your lap.

Libra: There is urgent need for moderation in whatever you do. You may get carried away with excesses. There is a kind of careless rapture pervading your life and pursuits now. You are prepared to relax, have fun and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. You have a certain standing in society and you are justifiably proud of it. You want to savour your success fully and enjoy every bit of life.

Scorpio: There are expenses and many expansion plans too. You lay the groundwork for an assault at the highest level. If you are in the corporate world, this could be a good time to go global. You can become a corporate giant with a global following. Ganesha is with you. There will be many propitious new beginnings as the moon is in your sign. Everything you embark on now will lead to success.

Sagittarius: You have had your moments of fun and now the material world and money matters assume enormous significance. Property, family affairs, taxes, revenues, stepping up of income are your major concerns as you busy yourself handling practicalities. Along with all this, you will also be mending fences and clearing up misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Capricorn: There will be demands of the family on your time and resources. You realise that it doesn’t help to neglect loved ones or to let your relationships suffer or falter in any way. Ganesha blesses you and encourages you to spend more time with your loved ones. It has been a long time since you met your siblings and extended family and spent quality time with them. What are you waiting for?

Aquarius: There could be international travel and you make several profitable contacts. Intense and intensive intellectual activities are your main pursuits. You will be busy with higher studies, crash courses, self-improvement, and enhancement of your knowledge, expertise and new skills. All this will be geared to increased earning. You are driven and determined to succeed.

Pisces: You are bit tired now and need a break to get your breath back. All the demands on you right from family, home, relationships, work have been heavy. Your patience is running thin but you will have to remain calm and maintain poise. Do not ride roughshod over others. Avoid extreme mood swings lest you damage your own image in the eyes of others.

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