Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

February 10 — February 16, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you may feel like travelling to broaden your understanding of the world around you. You want to know about new ideas and different ways of living. You want to check out all that life has to offer away from home and work and the usual mundane demands of life. You begin to appreciate life in all its colours. Ganesha is happy.

Taurus: There are many influences at play now. You want to too many things and there is a danger of misjudgement. You are putting all your energies in different directions. You are caught between caution and optimism. You are not sure how much to push, whether you should expand or retrench. You could have overextended yourself in the past and bitter memories thankfully put the brakes on you.

Gemini: You are pulled between the desire for greater freedom and opportunity and the need to hold on to the safe and predictable. You are tempted to break away from everything and start all over again from scratch without the weight of the past holding you back. All this restlessness can result in many chops and churns and you will make many significant changes in your life.

Cancer: You will opt for casual relationships and friendships as you are busy finding your way and do not have the time to invest in deeper liaisons. Ganesha encourages you on this quest for personal understanding. The positive aspects to this period are also considerable and this is the right time to grow, to expand. There will be new business plans and new responsibilities.

Leo: This is an interesting period and can represent the culmination of a long drive for success or power. There will be opposition and many challenges and roadblocks. But you manage to surmount it all. You grow in many ways and could get a promotion and acquire prestige and power. You are able to impact a lot of people and it all depends on several factors and what you do with your position.

Virgo: You could be driven ruthlessly to get ahead. Do not cut corners or get unethical though the temptations may be very strong. There could be unfortunate consequences with the law or with higher authorities as you will be found out. Control your drives and go slow. There is no harm in it, assures Ganesha.

Libra: This will be a significant period. Do not get obsessive and keep away fanatical thought processes. Try to work in a team and hear out even the most disparate thought processes. Shun all self-righteousness and do not try to force your views upon others. Look for compromises and midway meeting points. Your ideas may be great but your style of functioning can come in for improvement.

Scorpio: You should be open to negotiation. Ganesha believes that this is not a time when you should resort to coercion of any kind. With a little bit of humility coupled with intelligence, you can enlarge your personal goals to encompass the groups. You love being the top dog, the team leader, and the lion in the ring. But in the real world, every disparate entity has to be taken along with you for success to be achieved.

Sagittarius: An intense and passionate phase when you are filled with genuine warmth and the desire to give and express love. You may have many liaisons and enjoy them all as you will be walking the tightrope and playing with fire to share your passions equally among all. You are like Valentino with an insatiable appetite. You are charismatic and will attract many to your web.

Capricorn: There could be a significant relationship too in the midst of it all, but even if nothing emerges from it, but even if nothing emerges from it, you will definitely gain from the wisdom and maturity it offers. The feelings now are compulsive and overwhelming. There could also be domestic issues to handle as a result of your shenanigans. There could be problems at home; don’t say you weren’t warned! Ganesha wishes you well.

Aquarius: There are maudlin and soft moments. You meet with family and friends and spend time in helping others. You could get very emotional too as you bask in the love, warmth, admiration and care of loved ones. This influence stimulates your love of beauty. You make every effort of surround yourself with beauty. You make beautiful purchases and want to be in pleasant surroundings and surrounded by art objects and beautiful people.

Pisces: You could get extravagant in this period and spend on objects that you may not need later. This is a passing phase. The intensity of the moment and its moods seduce you as for now. Seize the moment and go with the flow as tomorrow is always another day, another time, another chance. You are doing well your plans are on the fast track to success. Ganesha’s blessings are with you.

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