Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

March 23 — March 29, 2020

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there are many issues at play now. While work is on the upswing, you are also in the throes of domestic responsibilities. There are many expenses, and travel is also thrown in. You make many profitable contacts. There is a possibility of a new relationships that enters your radar. It may not last but there will be new excitement for sure.

Taurus: You may indulge it as an expression of rebellion but that is not a good enough reason for a relationship to last. Your peer group will also disapprove of the relationship. On another note, you may begin collecting unusual and beautiful objects for your home. You will enjoy decorating your castle; your home and your workspace may be subjected to renovation.

Gemini: You may even look at purchasing new property. You will also seek out new and different kinds of amusement. You will be in indulgent and offbeat mood and will want to be entertained. There is money at hand and you splurge. Ganesha warns you not go overboard. The mood will pass soon, just hang on, and you will be on stable ground.

Cancer: The intensity of the phase may surprise you. But it will not be upsetting as it is quite possible that you will do nothing during this time. You will be filled with a feeling of balance and will be unusually peaceful and relaxed now. This is also a good time to travel, both for work and relaxation. This period has many hidden energies. It is fundamentally an opportunity to grow and explore the world and also see where and how you fit in.

Leo: Your mind is wrapped in strange ideas, even illusions and delusions. You get suspicious and think of strange, even bizarre, happenings all the time. Try not to get bogged down by heavy, pessimistic thinking. Communication with others becomes more difficult and you run the risk of losing your sense of perspective. Your viewpoints get narrowed by this influence.

Virgo: You are on the threshold of a new cycle of ideas and opinions, of communicating in new ways. You now look at rooting out old ideas and notions that have outlived their usefulness. Ganesha urges you to use your creativity as there is a danger of thinking too narrowly. Look for alternatives. Don’t fall into depression. Look at the macro picture, the larger aspects of life.

Libra: You are thinking fast and furious; your thought processes are on a treadmill. You are working out all the alternatives and looking for the right focus to steer ahead. This is an excellent time for working on a single idea right through to the end. Plan carefully as what you embark on now can have significant consequences. Do not be preoccupied with perfection.

Scorpio: If you are too exacting and critical, you run the risk of alienating others as there will be none who will meet your exacting standards; not even you. Learn to accept what you cannot do and go with the flow. There is a higher power overseeing all life. Live with faith and confidence. Ganesha is with you right through.

Sagittarius: There are positive trends at play here. You work hard and establish yourself. You win acclaim and respect. After all the soul-searching, you have reached a point of equilibrium and your actions are reliable and consistent. Your affairs are running smoothly and on schedule. Your approach to work and life is well planned and disciplined.

Capricorn: You win accolades and are the toast of the town. There may even be awards. This is a good time for those in the areas of realty and the stock markets. This is a good time for speculation. Ganesha blesses you. There is a lot of movement now. You meet up with old friends and old flames. No power on earth can suppress you as you move about like an India rubber ball.

Aquarius: You are flamboyant and not at all conservative. Your responses may be inappropriate to the situation. You may be pig headed and not very flexible. But you make headway as you gain valuable experience, particularly in your profession. You are ambitious and make substantial progress. Many people assist you now as though the forces of nature want you to be a success.

Pisces: You will be a success without a doubt and will be self-sufficient; if you have borrowed money you will be able to clear your debts. If you have been indebted to anyone, all accounts will be sorted out. Mortgages and bank loans will be cleared. There could be many expenses on the domestic front. Your health may need attention and there could be some troubling domestic issues in the form of elders being hospitalized. Ganesha is with you.

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