Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

December 23 — December 29, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there are many roadblocks but you manage to get past them with skill. Boulders are thrown in your path. You will know instantly how to make the right moves, say and do the right things! It’s a good idea, cautions Ganesha, once again, to keep your arrogance and impatience under control. Your social skills bring you a time of respite from your demanding lifestyle this period.

Taurus: There is a lot on your plate and you slog away. It may be a bit of a struggle at times, but you rise to the occasion. You strive to conquer many new peaks. Your self — appraisal of last period sets you on the path to true creativity. Those in the media make their presence felt with an extra dollop of creativity, dash and josh! In this period there could be emotional, sentimental and maudlin moments in this soft phase.

Gemini: You will express deep feelings of love. This is a period of innovation, creativity and original ideating. Your soul — searching has set you well and truly on a deep spiritual and fulfilling path. But as the period ends, one of the best phases will begin. There are material, spiritual and emotional gains. I feel that this is a purple patch and you should make the most of it.

Cancer: You are in the throes of success. There could be a few problems if you are travelling, moving house, buying / selling, but the end result will be positive. The health of parents, elders and in-laws will cause anxiety. All your ties will be joyous and filled with hope. There is bonding, romance and passion. In addition to your job / business / profession, there will also be room for research and philosophy, justice, law and order.

Leo: You display rare insights along with determination, creativity, imagination and style. The growth trajectory continues. You are aware that this is the right time to make the world your oyster. You continue to be on a roll. It is a great way to be. You pursue success and all doors open to your magic touch. The luck of the draw will be with you, and that’s half the battle won!

Virgo: You will find yourself quite convinced of the need to project your personality, the image of your company, forcefully and effectively. In this period, you seek out and improve on the flaws you perceive not only in your persona and personality, but also in your environment. It ensures a marvellous period of joy and achievements and a high happiness quotient.

Libra: You are giving off your best at work and socially. Now you will be totally absorbed in the domestic scene, the house and home, along with working at a punishing phase. There is a lot on your plate. Try not to go under with this monumental burden. Learn to make time to relax, to pursue hobbies, pleasure activities, sports and exercise. You may get carried away with excesses. There is a kind of careless rapture pervading your life and pursuits.

Scorpio: Ganesha says that the health of loved ones may cause some concern but it is all going well for you on the work front. You may even be looking at entirely new vistas of work and employment. New assignments should fall into your lap, aiding your progress. You are also determined to give off your best. In the midst of all this work is also love, passion, and affection. You’re still on the upward spiral of life, and determined to make the most of it.

Sagittarius: This period finds you pursing your goals aggressively and confidently. It also gives you just that amount of energy and enthusiasm to conquer all obstacles. The period sees many domestic demands. As the period ends, you look for more freedom in whatever you do. But this is a significant period because you can reach out to people and taste new areas of life and have several varied and rewarding experiences.

Capricorn: This is a period that will be important for contacts, contracts, communication and hi-tech computerization; you could be looking at new trends in technology for both personal and professional benefit. There could be a bonding on the personal level too. There will be a fine-tuning of existing ties and relationships, especially marital and emotional ones.

Aquarius: You will also be wining, dining and hosting parties. The end of the period mood may have set in early. This is an excellent time for all financial matters and you plunge into them. You will feel like making your surroundings appear more elegant, and you may spend quite a lot of money too. Expenses soar but along with this concern with material acquisition, there also some very real possibilities for inner growth.

Pisces: The mood is good and you are seriously planning ahead. You have the heart to take on both extra work and some calculated risks that may pay off soon. Follow your hunches, says Ganesha, but do not go overboard. You may be making big plans and signing documents. Watch your intuition and go with the flow. Do not get obsessive and keep away fanatical thought processes. There are maudlin and soft moments mid period and you meet with family and friends.

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