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Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

September 28 — October 4, 2020

By Vedic Astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwalla

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Aries: Ganesha is pleased with your toils and labours but also reminds that life is not only about money. Relationships are at the forefront of the now trend that begins with the current phase of the moon. You will now spend even — more time in spiritual pursuits and at the same time you will understand the value of harmonious relationships. Romantic liaisons, intimate relations with your beloved / spouse, love affairs, engagements, weddings, strengthening bonds with your loved ones, be it your lover, your children, or even your extended family.

Taurus: The deeper the well, the sweeter the water, says Ganesha as He advises you to go deep within yourself to find the answers that you are looking for. This is the time for introspection. But it will not be enough to restrict your research to metaphysics. There is a great demand for your services / products and you make huge profits. You feel good about yourself and it also makes you more loving in your relationships. But, relationships with extended family, in — laws, even colleagues and peers could blow hot and cold.

Gemini: The esoteric energies of last period dissipate (though not completely) as you enter the beginning of a hectic work phase. This trend will continue for a some period at least. But Ganesha reassures you that though you will be quite busy, it will not be with just work. Expect to put on your party shoes even before you are out of your office. Work hard but play harder — this seems to be your motto this period as socialising, meeting friends, partying, entertaining at home, fun and frolic take up much of your time.

Cancer: You have build up a system of work that is both self — driven and self — sustaining. The hectic period of work in the recent past could have taken their toll and you now look for a much — needed change in your routine. Hobbies or spending quality time with children (your own, if you have them) could be the breath of fresh air in your humdrum life. Nature walks, visits to art exhibitions and artistic places, music concerts help rejuvenate your spirit.

Leo: Ganesha is pleased with your dedication to work and personal relationships and rewards pour in. There are monetary gains and stronger bonds of love with those who matter to you. You could find yourself delving deeper into the issues of the higher self / dharma / karma / tantra and mantra in search of spiritual power and strength. Your search could lead you to unusual religious groups or cults or sects. Exploration of all kinds will be beneficial and it could give you mental peace and happiness.

Virgo: Your journey within will see you divert your attention towards spending pleasurable moments and fun times with friends and close family members. You are on a high. Leisure activities, indulging in your favourite hobbies or even spending time with your loved ones will help you pass your time happily. There is little material progress now but it is a good time to set action plans for the attainment of goals which are close to your heart. Your energy levels may be low which could make you irritable and easily offended.

Libra: You begin this new phase with a load of responsibilities and duties. The fun — filled days of last period now morph into days and even nights of labour and hard, unrelenting work as you catch up with unfinished project and other official paper work. There is no respite. A strained cash flow and interpersonal tensions could be the result of the overwhelming energies at play in this phase. Communications could go haywire leading to hurt feelings and even resentment.

Scorpio: The full bag of responsibilities of the previous period continues to weigh you down but Ganesha now gives you the gift of accepting your situation gracefully and partaking of life to the fullest by being in the moment. You play as hard as you work and your conservative nature takes a back seat as you indulge yourself. Some could even explore a new way of life — a life of austerity and going back to the basics. You could be a person of extremes here — lead a life of utmost decadence or live like a saint.

Sagittarius: Water seeks its own level. Thanks to all your experiments you have learnt many new things about yourself which may have surprised (even shocked) you. A little belt — lightening may be demanded of you this period not just in your personal expenditure but also at work. You are a whiz at money matters as you plan out strategies to help tide over this slack period. You comb your financial outgoings to see if you can make any savings through bargains and discounts. Sudden changes in your workplace could make you jittery.

Capricorn: The new period begins with the events of last period still fresh in your mind. Everything has turned out much better than you expected and you have a sigh of relief as you ponder over your financial matters. Contracts, commissions, collaborations are some of the Cs that you will deal with this period but it will have to be done with the big C — yes, I am referring to ‘Commitment’. Your favourite astrologer also reminds you that your loved one could be feeling neglected with your over — involvement in work.

Aquarius: Matters of the heart and hearth occupy you this period as your domestic responsibilities finally catch up with you. You now have to schedule in all neglected home matters and so are busy with repairs, renovations, constructions, additions to property, buying of assets, debts, rentals, leases, property loans, house / office / godown / warehouse / shops and such. Spouse, children, elders and even dependents and pets could require your soothing and calm presence.

Pisces: The Sun reminds you of the importance of strong and solid relationships in your life. Small and big victories at work give you satisfaction and the home environment is also harmonious. Your partner displays understanding and care and this motivates you to reciprocate. You are innovative and ingenious at work and win applause. You will gain professionally and personally. Some of you may have to deal with legal matters which could require you to travel. Ganesha counsels you.

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