Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

December 9 — December 15, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you spend a lot of time thinking about the lovely moments that have suddenly happened in your life. Your success and general happiness could lead to over-confidence and you need to exercise caution. Watch your step or you could fall into manhole. Of course, please do not take this in the literal sense. You may excite envy, perhaps even hidden or open rivalry, and people may want to pull you down.

Taurus: Expenses will mount but there are more good tidings than bad and your interactions with people remain pleasant. All this contributes to happy and loving moments with progress and prosperity as the key words. Ganesha asks you to step on it as the time is good for you. You are filled with new ideas; they seem to be bursting out of your skull.

Gemini: In this phase your creative instincts blossom. This can be a mildly pleasant, somewhat strange, even esoteric period. On a more down-to-earth plane, increased employment, gifts, a legacy or other benefits come your way. There will be more perks and recognition on the job front too. You plod away looking for more rewards both monetarily and aesthetically.

Cancer: The desire to accomplish more occupies your mind and you look for ways to reconcile your work with your true inner impulses. You are ready to stick your neck out, lead from the front to make change happen. You are ready to take on a leadership role. You will find time for religion and spirituality, travel and education. Issues resolving around your career, identity and home absorb your thoughts and plans.

Leo: You also make projections for the future. You understand the need to build harmony in the home and family as you realize that social interactions are vital not only for growth but as a security blanket when the chips are down, with no warning balls to announce their arrival. Ganesha blesses you.

Virgo: There is professional success and you are admired and respected everywhere. You have a tremendous will to excel in your chosen field and you put in extra efforts and win respect, status, perks, benefits, awards, rewards, kudos and applause. It is all richly deserved, I must add along with Ganesha. There will be monetary gains and chances of enhance income.

Libra: There is also room for passion and romance, legacies and inheritance, loans, funds, bonds, parties and the whirl of social activities. You are in an ebullient and enthusiastic mood as you resolve many pending issues and make waves. These are soft and emotional moments. It is time to let your hair down. You will be in the throes of love and having a wild and wonderful time.

Scorpio: You are confident, pragmatic and determined as you forge ahead to power, glory and accomplishments. Name and fame, popularity and plaudits, come your way along with outright competition and jealousy which are, as we all know, part and parcel of life. However, you will turn your attention to money matters and strike out in new areas of money making.

Sagittarius: You want to grow and to develop as an evolved human being. There have been several attitudinal and occupational swings to cope with. Now you will attempt to reconcile them all gainfully and harmoniously. Ganesha is happy that you have found your way. Your entire persona undergoes a huge change for the better. You have seen a lot including true success. You resolve to continue with your efforts at both work and play.

Capricorn: There is a great intensity in your approach as you plan ahead. There could be some disruptions in your creative endeavours but you surmount all roadblocks. You also manage to make time for social work and bond well with everyone you meet. Your professional and personal successes have really empowered you and you look at the future with confidence and charisma.

Aquarius: You rely solely on your sense of personal satisfaction and do not care too much about the good opinion of others or a desire for recognition. You work quietly and steadily, avoiding fanfare and publicity. Your interactions with parents, siblings, extended family and in-laws could also be demanding. You look at new ideas of income generation and look at yourself with new eyes.

Pisces: You are a new person now, full of commitment, caring and confidence. You are alert and active and you experience the sweet satisfaction of achievement. Ganesha guarantees that! Ganesha assures you money and honey. There is a lot going for you in this period. The mood is upbeat and there is a hike in finances and more than just a touch of romance too.

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