Shree Ganeshaya Namah
Weekly Horoscope
February 17 — February 23, 2020
By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says you are on the top of the
world and have the confidence to handle just
about anything that is thrown at you. You have
taken on a lot and it all depends on how you
delegate and manage time to accomplish it all.
But it is better to be busy than have nothing to
do. You are also restless and go hunting for even
bigger projects. You will have to micromanage it
all but you do it well.
Taurus: There will be new areas of study and
accomplishment. You expand, grow and reach
the moon. Ganesha smiles in approval. The
period is coming to an end and a lot has been
accomplished. You could be tired and
discouraged as your vital energies are low. You
are pushing away at executing your plans but
there could be unwarranted opposition to them.

Gemini: You may feel physically distressed as if
the burdens of your life are too much to handle.
There may be a feeling of world-weariness and it
may be a good time to go for a medical check-up
as it is in your interest to conserve your energies.
There are several inhibiting factors at work and
you will have to plough through them, which you
will with Ganesha’s help. There could be marital
troubles and you may have to terminate a long
Cancer: There will be new beginnings and many
new opportunities as you climb new peaks of
achievement. Life is never stagnant; every
moment differs from the next. Life has a natural
cycle and it is best to go with the flow. This can
be marvellous period and you feel good. Your
health is fine, you are optimistic and all your
plans are falling into place.
Leo: This is the time to enjoy the rewards of
sustained and hard labour. You are on a growth
trajectory and your life is bullish. It is the time to
initiate new projects, expand your activities and

broaden your perspective. You realise your full
potential as a human being. There is travel and
new contacts as you soar ahead into the
stratosphere. You look at new areas of study and
try to raise your consciousness and expand your
world view.
Virgo: All new associations will influence you
positively and there will be freedom and
substantial growth. Ganesha is happy for you.
You are joyous, energetic and exuberant and
want to overdo or overreach yourself. It will be
good to exercise a certain amount of restraint.
You may also be in spending frenzy. Be careful
with your purse strings if you are a sole
proprietor as you might leave yourself
vulnerable to the more difficult times that will
eventually come.
Libra: Ganesha says make sure that all expansion
is carefully planned and that you have built
safeguards against future times of difficulty. You
also crave more recognition and may feel
cheated. But, away from all this, are glorious

moments with the family and a home away from
home. There may be travel, even an overseas
holiday. There are many tasty dishes on your
plate, assures Ganesha. Get hungry for them.
Scorpio: You end the period on an upbeat note.
This is an exuberant time, with high energies at
play. You feel physically strong and fit and you
manage to accomplish more than usual. Almost
anything that you direct your energies to will
lead to success. The only real danger is that you
overwork and push yourself over the hill. This is
a good time to begin a new project, as long as
you know your limits.
Sagittarius: You have great intuitive and can
accomplish a great deal by yourself; your pace
will be scorching and others will not be able to
match you. You will display a magnificent sense
of timing or planning. All projects begun now will
pay great dividends in the future. Ganesha
watches over you. This is a period of power plus
work and pleasure. You begin the period well
and this is a fiery start to the period.

Capricorn: You will be moving fast and getting
things done in a trice. You also have a spiritual
bent of mind and Ganesha will protect you no
matter what happens. As the period moves on,
emotions will boil over. Watch out for impulsive
actions and rash decisions that may have
sudden, unexpected consequences and
undesirable results. You may also get into
disputes with colleagues over trifles.
Aquarius: Authority figures, who limit your
freedom of movement and self-expression, are
likely targets for your rebellion. But there are
many beautiful moments with close family and
friends in this period. As the period ends, there
are inflated expectations, excessive and
impractical idealism and sudden
disappointments. You need to make a concerted
effort to keep your feet on the ground.
Pisces: You are looking for profound answers to
life’s disturbing questions. Ganesha says there
could be tough times. Health needs extra
safeguards. This is a good time to enter new

relationships, strengthen existing ties and reach
out afresh. There are many expenses and travel
is also on the cards. Your heartstrings are also

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