Weekly Astrology Horoscope for 8th February - 14th February, 2021


This week is going to be quiet exciting for you as a result it is going to be an extremely positive week. Your sign has very great plans for you this week. You will have to take important decisions and they will turn out in your favor, hence accordingly you will achieve great success. You are going to increase your sources of income and that will allow you to get an even better standard of living. Because of your great leadership qualities, your team will give you a very rewarding response. Your issues with your finances are going to get under control. You will not be able to give proper time to your family but they will understand you and will support you for that. By the end of week happiness will be with you. It will help you to be calm and to be patient. And you will generate good income from your past investments. As you will earn more it seems like you will be able to change your lifestyle. You will also donate some amount to charity.


This is an ideal week for you to reflect on yourself. You have been through lot of challenges and become the strongest person you have ever been. Allow yourself time and space to relax and rest. A mini vacation will do you well this week, as you have been ignoring your health by staying busy. Your business and finances will work out on its own this week, without you having to pay much time and attention. Although you need to do something to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your friends and family by giving them your time. They have been trustworthy and have got your back throughout all the difficulties that you have faced. You will receive a lot of love from your spouse this entire week. Plan fun and cute dates for yourself and your partner to get to know each other even more. Making other people happy will lift up your mood this week; hence try to do as much of it as you can. Your health has been not doing so well for quite a while now but this week will be different you’ll notice that you are starting to feel more energized and positive.


Although not every aspect of your life will work out as you would have liked it to be, you’ll come through struggles stronger and smarter. You’re likely to feel slightly nervous and excited about how things will work out financially for you this week, as you have already made investments based on estimation of an income that’s yet to come. Mid-week you’ll realize that you have been blessed in all aspects of life, you will enjoy your personal as well as work life. You’re likely to take an unconventional break this week to spend some much needed time with your loved one. Take this time to discuss your future and related topics that your partner has been dodging lately. During your time off be physically active. Go on long walks and soak in the sun as much as you can.


You are going to create a positive atmosphere for your friends and loved ones, or rather everywhere you go, as you will carry an aura of positivity throughout this week. This week will help you in many ways. You will able to work hard. You will able to connect more people around you to build new connections. Your positive attitude will boost you for a new start-up of business. You will receive many blessings from the people you don’t know receiving them will get closer to achieve your goals. Singles can get ready to get a partner as loneliness is going to hell from your life. People with serious relationships are blessed by god and they will able to create stronger bond with the one they love. Good times have started for you so just enjoy your life.


This week is bringing you a lot of better things. As you foresee the upcoming seven days, the losses incurred in last few weeks will be revived. You will earn trust of everyone in your life. The monotonous nature of your job will make you feel dull but this feeling is temporary. The last three days of the week will be a little bit challenging but this adventure of hardship will bring you growth. Income is going to increase and your family will support you in whatever you do. Your love life is expecting some challenges as there will be some misunderstandings between your partner and you. Married life will be alright as you will take this week to reconnect with your partner. Your health will do just as good as you’re feeling this week. The consequences of the immense amount of happiness that you’re feeling this week will show. Work on taking deep breaths every few seconds and just taking in today’s massive positive energies.


Your charismatic energy will impress a new prospect this week, which bring in huge profits for your business. You will be able to make some huge investments in this week. You’re likely to rush the process and skip the analyzing and strategizing part, which can ruin all the profit you have made from the new prospect. You need to listen to your financial advisor and take your time. Managing such a huge amount of money can make you or break you. Your love life will be quite rewarding throughout the week, your partner will act very caring and loving, and immediately get into action as soon as you mention your future together or taking the next step in your relationship. Let them know that they can express their feelings and fears without the anticipation of an overreaction from you. Getting them to express their true feelings will be quite difficult, but it is important you to know at what stage your relationship stands to have a clear picture and make decisions that you need to make. Your health will not bother you at all this week. Although it will benefit you if you work out or at-least go for a walk to clear your head every day this week.


You are blessed with the moon this week which will give you inner strength and confidence. Self-respect will stop you from taking some negative decision, specifically in regards to your relationships. Your social prestige is likely to increase based on the decisions you have taken in the past few days. You will make new plans to start some new project; your patience will help you throughout this week be it your relationships or your work. Singles will be blessed by the Venus. If you’re single you might find your soul mate this week if they focus on socializing and meeting new people every day. To those who are already in a relationship, you are likely to take the next step this week. Your health will do great this week. You’ll constantly feel great despite the poor eating you have been doing since the past week. You are feeling amazing this week but you need to keep your exercise routine going on hence focus on enjoying and staying consistent with your routine.


This is a tough week for you. You will feel dissatisfaction and unhappiness in every moment, you will feel detached from your responsibilities, which will affect your productivity; your grip on your projects will become slow, which might create some loss in the business or at work. You might be a victim of conspiracy at work which only worsens your situation. You need to be careful in terms of hidden enemies and opponents. You are advised to be careful in the way you speak; otherwise, you might face losses in near future. You should avoid making investments in risky assets. Practicing meditation and yoga will help you to come out from this messy situation. You are advised to avoid lending money to anyone, as luck is in your sign’s favor for this week, but taking risks like this won’t be lucrative.


You will gain a lot of profit in your business this week which will set a positive tone for the entire week. You won’t need to do things that you hate in terms of work anymore. You will have the time, space and affordability to follow your passion. Financial abundance is in your cards this week, which will keep you satisfied and happy throughout the week. You need to be more analytical about making investments now as managing the funds that you receive this week and in the future as it will make a significant difference in your life. This is the perfect week for you to make investments as your luck will favor you into making the correct and logical decisions. Seek advices from the elders that you trust as well as your partner. Do not delay in taking the decisions as your luck is in your favor this week. Make sure to take important decisions in this week itself.


This is the week you realize who you can truly trust. You will go through a minor rough patch in business which will leave you in immediate need for the money. The people who you thought were your friends will make excuses and try to leave you to your own devices when they find out about your loss, it will still take you some time to fully realize who really cares and looks out for you and who is with you for selfish reasons, focus on only yourself this week so that you can create a positive outcome at the end. This week is a crucial learning lesson for you. Do not worry about the finances as you will be able to work things out yourself! Infect you will realize how independent you are and to what limits you can work and produce great results. Your health will remain well throughout the week except for minor fatigue and tiredness throughout the week.


This week is all about new and positive beginnings for you. Career-wise, your journey will give the expected results. You just have to make sure that you are determined to tread ahead with discipline. You will be provided with ample opportunities to prove yourself at work as well, which, in turn, may also lead to your promotion in this week itself. Material security is on your way this week. This could mean that at work you’ll be more satisfied with your salary rather than with job satisfaction or creative fulfillment. Your business will be great and smooth throughout the week. Your business will grow a lot this week and you will acquire new clients. Be it a big or a small prospect, you will observe that your business has grown the most this week. Your health is doing great this week but you should remain extra cautious and careful about your eating habits these days starting this week. Preventive health check-up would prove to be very assuring for you.


You will be busy at work, your focus will be good and you will have good patience. You will be able to utilize your strength to implement your plans in the business or work, in terms of growth in the work and business. You will get help from your network to make it possible. Expect some changes in your place, position or responsibilities at work, in terms of promotions. Your seniors will appreciate your work. Your family will support you to get success at work, which will maintain domestic harmony. Your opponents and hidden enemies will be under control now. Singles and love birds you will take important decisions in terms of marriage with the help of your relatives or friends. You will experience minor body aches throughout the week. Excess of work will keep you busy, but in spite of this, you will have to take time for yourself and try to improve your health. You haven’t been taking care of your health and it will make you realize that this week.

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