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Weekly Astrology Horoscope for February 15th to February 21st, 2021

Aries: This week will bring you revival of great health. Your relationships will be improved. You will be able to make some lucrative decisions of some complicated business mess with the help of right guidance. Your cooperation and convincing skills will be appreciated. You will make some relationships with important business associates which will bring you good gains later. You will be able to spend more time with your family this week as well. You are likely to feel accomplished by the end of the week. Strictly prohibit yourself from wasting energy on haters as that is the last thing you need this week. In the middle of the week, you will be able to execute your plans and gain effective results. Your health won’t be a matter of concern this week but meditation will help you deal with your stressful times this week.

Taurus: Your business and finances will work out on its own this week, without you having to pay much time and attention. This is an ideal week for you to reflect on your professional progress. You have been through the worst time of your life and become the strongest person you have ever been. Some solace will do you well this week, as you have been ignoring your feelings by staying busy. You will receive a lot of love from your partner this entire week. Plan fun and meaningful dates for yourself and your partner to get to know each other even more. Making other people happy will lift up your spirits this week hence try to do as much of it as you can. Your health has been going good for quite a while now this week will be the same, you’ll notice that you are starting to feel more energized and positive. Starting to work out this week will be a good idea for you.

Gemini: You will be blessed by positive energies in abundance this week. Your inner strength will be on a high level you will perform well at your work. You will get good results for your hard work. Disputes with your colleagues will be resolved now. There is likely to be an increase in your network. You will plan for a short work related trip, which will give you benefits in near future. Your team members and friends will help you in the completion of some important projects. Job seekers will find good job with the help of a network. You will receive a lot of help from your partner, family as well as friends consistently this week. Make sure to take the help as well as appreciation each and every person, every time they help you.

Cancer: Your week will be filled with amazing things. You will get involved in activities you never thought you would participate in. The first three days will bring you opportunities you were waiting for and in the last two days you will reap the fruits of these opportunities. This week you should be very productive avoid people who take your emotions lightly in as their possessive nature may harm you later. Love will bloom in the right directions at unexpected timings; you may have a little insomnia and feel tired due to hectic schedule. You are likely to travel for business this week which is why your sleep schedule will be irregular. Your communications skills will help in finding solutions to the issues your institution is facing. Along with that, you are likely to find a right guide who will help you stabilize your profits.

Leo: This week is quite easy and relaxing for you. Every aspect of your life will pretty much work out as you would have liked it to be, you’ll come out of struggles in the beginning of this week stronger and smarter. You will need to update yourself in terms of your skillet as people are trying to take over your position. You’ll find a very good mentor who will give you valuable advices that’ll calm your anxieties. Do a lot of relaxing activities this week like going for a spa or reading a novel you like. You’re likely to take an unconventional break this week to spend some much needed time with your family. Take this time to discuss difficult topics that your partner has been dodging lately. During your time off do not be lazy and physically inactive. Go on long walks and soak in the sun as much as you can.

Virgo: This week will be important for your profession. You will keep busy at work; your focus towards your goal as well as your patience will be amazing. With the help of patience, you might be able to achieve your goals on time. Your dedication for work will be rewarded many times. Expect some rewards in the result of hard work at the end of the week. You are likely to make investments in fixed assets as well. Expect to hear good news in terms of parent’s health. Your losses will convert into gains by the end of this week. Your past investments might become profitable as well.

Libra: Your week will start with excitement and happiness. You are likely to make lots of profits and feel amazing. Your satisfaction feelings will also increase. You will be acing your presentations and might have other tasks to do on your professional fronts and your love life will bloom. You will confess your feelings to your partner and they will accept your proposal. You will not have any issues in your married life due to your compatibility with your spouse hence things will be totally alright. It’s a good week to transfer your funds in saving accounts. On health fronts, you will face some minor issues in dealing with mental peace and you may also feel slightly dull at the end of the week. Apart from everything, this week will go as good as you expected.

Scorpio: You will gain a lot of profit in your business this week which will set a great example for the entire week. You won’t need to do things that you hate in terms of work anymore. You will have the time, space and affordability to follow your passion. Financial abundance is in your cards this week, which will keep you satisfied and happy throughout the week. You need to be more thoughtful about making investments now as managing the funds that you receive this week and in the future as it will make a significant difference in your life. This is the perfect week for you to make investments as your luck will favor you into making the correct and logical decisions. Seek advices from the elders that you trust as well as your partner. Do not delay in taking the decisions as your luck is in your favor this week. Make sure to take important decisions in this week itself.

Sagittarius: Your relationship will grow stronger and you’re very likely to take the next step in your relationship this week. You and your partner will grow very closet this week. You will start to understand what makes them upset and what makes them happy. Hence you will realize that things will only get better as the days go by in this week itself. Your relationships in general will improve a lot be it with your partner, family or friends. Hence this week is all about socializing for you. If you are looking for love, this is the week for you to socialize and start meeting new people as luck is on your side throughout the week. You’re very likely to find a very strong new love interest this week. Relaxing by meditating and doing what you love will be very important for you during this entire week.

Capricorn: This week is going to be super exciting for you. Positive news throughout the week itself will boost your confidence to a whole another level. This week is going to be full of excitement and unique experiences for you. You will go through a positive shift when it comes to your mental and physical health. This positive shift will help you to participate and indulge more in social events. You will have an overall very positive week. Your competitors will think twice before facing you! People will not dare to pick fights with you this week. You need to use this opportunity starting early this week itself to build better relationships.

Aquarius: This week you are likely to shift gears and are ready to begin a new phase of your life. You may feel as though you have stepped upon a new phase in your life as you will receive good luck in abundance this week. You have always desired monetary gains and you are willing to do what it takes to get there starting this week. You’re very likely to start a new business in which you will have immense beginners luck and you will make progress like wildfire this week. This week will be overwhelming in a good way. Make sure to take some time off to take care of your health and hydrate as well.

Pisces: This week will go by easily if you are diligent and stay cautious about not getting involved in any controversies arguments or fights. Avoid intense discussions and lethargy in important work. When it comes to managing your funds, it is mandatory that you do detailed financial paperwork this week so that you understand your shortcomings and plan your future accordingly. Your loved ones will need your extra time as your family might be emotionally deprived of you. You need to take the lead in your family this week and take the lead everywhere be it taking on the financial burden or solving fights. Later in this week powerful dreams and even more powerful intuitions may bring new romantic possibilities. New friends or colleagues may show an intense interest in you, reciprocate accordingly and make sure you have genuine feelings before rushing and taking the next step when it comes to your love life.

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