Weekly Astrology Horoscope for September 2 — September 8, 2019 by ASTROLOGER GANESHA BEJAN DARUWALLA

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

September 2 — September 8, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you may even want to see the world, travel and meet people who share your ideas, beliefs and concerns. You want new stimuli and new experiences. You want new learning. Ganesha wishes you the very best in this search. The mind is still giving you restless times. You are torn by many thoughts. You are also pursuing pleasure and profit. You want to have fun and also to have funds to keep going.

Taurus: You will go much beyond the call of duty to fulfil your domestic obligations, which will be quite a handful. The health of elders, dependents, and even in-laws could require your prolonged involvement. Children will also be a source of worry. There are many work demands too and you are in a quandary. You want to go solo but you also know that you need the team to help you with all the challenges confronting you.

Gemini: Ganesha feels that the mood will pass and things will settle down in due course. Just hold on a while and the dust will settle. You will then know how and where to steer the boat. This is the beginning of a great period and the coming period will be very lucky for you. Make the most of it. You will be able to achieve miracles in this period. Take risks, speculate if you want to, go for the jugular in all areas of life, both professional and personal.

Cancer: You are on a roll. There is true inspiration, genuine wisdom and insights about how to lead your life. You make a lot of money and branch off into new areas of activity. You do well and are able to win others to your way of life and thought processes. Your convictions will be lofty and noble. You display a true willingness to serve. You will also step up your own efficiency as you are on the treadmill of great achievement.

Leo: You also spend time at home strengthening family ties which you realise is important for peace and harmony. There are many expenses but all expansion comes with a caveat. You take all the necessary steps to build a strong financial foundation. You also seek out true knowledge and devote time to higher studies, research and new learning. This is a great period and Ganesha wishes you well.

Virgo: You look for more success in all areas of your life. You want material progress and recognition. To make this happen, you will be reconciling different trends and squaring up to your responsibilities. Your personal and professional life will call for a positive approach and the right mindset. You are on track to make wonders happen. Your plans will focus on both personal advancement and family welfare.

Libra: Confidence, determination and a sense of sweet satisfaction will be a part and parcel of your period. There is hope and promise, optimism and joy, as you move along the path of greater glory. You look for mastery in your chosen field of work and you get it. There may be higher studies or the quest for additional knowledge or an added qualification.

Scorpio: You are filled with gratitude in this wondrous phase. You are in tune with your instincts and intentions in this sensitive phase. There are many opportunities beckoning you as you strive for true happiness. You are in line for peace, plenty and prosperity. There is also time for relax, to laugh and to enjoy yourself with friends.

Sagittarius: You participate happily in group activities and enlist in many new and novel ventures. All your ventures will be on firm ground and this is a good time to think of the higher values. You ask metaphysical questions and ponder the real meaning of life. A lot of time will also be spent on relationships, especially with your spouse / lover and family which could include children, dependents, parents, in-laws and even colleagues and co-workers.

Capricorn: You will be motivated to extend yourself not just physically but also emotionally. Communications, contracts and collaborations will be important. It is not all smooth sailing though as there is a chance for unexpected events, accidents and losses. Remain alert and flexible. It is important to flow like water. If you cannot frontally break down an obstacle, go around it. Ganesha blesses you.

Aquarius: The theme of this period will be bonding, family ties and relationships. You will be reaching out to all and sundry and getting to know extended family members. Those you love and cherish will really get closer to you. A long-term relationship will be a source of both inspiration and true companionship. There will be successful journeys too. Romance and marriage are the other strong possibilities.

Pisces: Ceremonies, conferences, publicity, meets, PR exercise, all add up to a very interesting period. You could also touch the money angle and may look at stock, shares, mutual funds or government bonds with some intent. But the main theme will be one in which you reach out to others. Deep bonding will be the focus of your life now. Ganesha wishes you well.

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