Weekly AStrology Horoscope for September 9 — September 15, 2019 by ASTROLOGER GANESHA BEJAN DARUWALLA

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Weekly Horoscope

September 9 — September 15, 2019

By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there is a lot on your plate in terms of work and social commitments. You realise the need for both effort and ingenious thought to make a go of it. In financial affairs, you will take audacious risks to maximise your profits. There will be a happy mix of fun and work, hectic activity and a lot of hustle and bustle. But it will all be well worth the effort.

Taurus: There are also many expenses and possibly a new love in your life. If single, you could take this to the next level. But astrology never compels and these are mere generalisations. Ganesha will take care of you. There is a lot on your plate and you could have bitten off more than you can chew.

Gemini: There could be overt and hidden stresses to cope with. There could be a kind of rebellion against you at the workplace. There may be colleagues you have hurt and there could be a lot of hidden resentment. There could be secret transactions, hush — hush deals, surreptitious meetings and tie — ups. It may all sound like a Bond espionage film but this is real life.

Cancer: You could feel a strong desire to flout social norms in your desire to taste new thrills and experience. You must look for true happiness, says Ganesha. That is the only way. Make space for new spiritual insights and look for rest, relaxation and inner peace. That is most important in these troubled times. Do not squander your gains away through hurtful words and actions.

Leo: There is a lot of upward mobility in your affairs. You are committed, sober, responsible and respectable. You have had your thrills and now want to settle down to a more regular way of life as this is the real you. There will be more happiness this way, you feel more centred. You turn to domestic affairs, to the house and home, family and property matters. Happy makeovers will definitely be the theme this period in all spheres of activity.

Virgo: You will see success in buying / selling, shopping for goods and assets, even investments on the stock market. Just remember always that Ganesha is with you. You are filled with confidence. You feel that you have got the knack of accomplishing whatever you have set your sights on. You want a sense of daring or bravado to enter your psyche now and influence your activities and approach to life.

Libra: The focus will be on finance. You will have to deal with funds, joint — finances and loans, and a fair amount of buying and selling which may also include acquiring property. There may be a house shift, or renovation or redevelopment on the cards. There will be gains of different kinds.

Scorpio: You will see the 3 P’s — promotion, position and power. There will also be, quite naturally, added work and accountability. There will also be genuine bonding with loved ones. You will make some very beautiful and powerful intimacy happen. Ganesha blesses as always. In this period you realise that you are smart enough to know what is required and are convinced that you will make your way through all the boulders.

Sagittarius: You know that your skill at handling people will be vital. You will be doing a lot of public relations work and interacting with distinguished or influential people in the hot seat or in position of power. This will be an important new trend and your work, projects, plans will move smoothly. You are in the mood to be a really good caregiver.

Capricorn: Pets and dependents will also need attention and care along with children, extended family and relatives who look to you for guidance and support. Marital and personal bonding will be stronger and more meaningful and a source of great joy. Ganesha wishes you well.

Aquarius: You take stock of your life. You have worked hard and very sincerely to get your professional and personal commitments in order. All your efforts now start to yield dividends. There is success, happiness and achievement. You will do well at the workplace and have a contended, fulfilled family life. There also monetary gains in addition to love and laughter, good times and romance, marriage, friends, partnerships, companionships and collaborations.

Pisces: You will also be very creative and those in the arts, literary fields, even technology, research, the whole of the world of information, will be at their best. There will be plaudits and kudos, rewards and awards. Those in the electronic and print media will shine. Ganesha blesses you. There is more stability now and more progress too.

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