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Weekly Astrology Horoscope from 22nd February to 28th February, 2021


This week is going to be happy and peaceful for you as a result of all the consistent hard work you put in be it your relationships or your work. Your partner has very exciting plans for you this week. You will be bound to take loads of work the entire week and accordingly you will achieve great success. Sooner you are going to get a huge promotion and that will allow you to gain good standard of living. By your great leadership qualities your team will give you a very positive response. Your past issues with your partner are going to get resolved. As good times comes you will get a little more occupied with work and for that you will not be able to give proper time to your family but don’t worry, they will understand you and will support you for that. This week you must practice meditation. It will help you to be calm and to be patient. And you will generate good income from your past investments. As you will earn more it seems like you will be able to change your and your entire family’s future positively. You will also develop lifelong relationships with some of the most well known and important pioneers in your business industry.


This week you will feel uncomfortable as a lot of changes are formulating in your life, you will realize the importance of your friends and family this week. Because of that you will spend the week being grateful and kind. You are very likely to be calm even though you need to face financial problems and you even need to take care of your family. People in love should really take care of their partner and their family’s health as well as work on bettering their relationships. This week you will be able to control your mind properly which will help you to come out of the bad phase of life. You will work hard and hard work will reward you with very satisfying returns just don’t give up and feel low because of some health issues that you or one of your loved one might face in the beginning of this week as everything will work out by the end of this week, and it will come to a very happy and satisfying end.


Luck and efforts are two dominant aspects in your life throughout the week. This week is indeed amazing for you as two aspects of your life work for you, your love life and professional life both seem to be taking a turn for the better. This is a favorable week for you to start your own business. There will be a lot of support present for you to start a venture or set up an agency that will take up quite a bit of investment but on the whole, it will be successful. Once you are done with that you will also need to create a strategy to protect your private information. You will receive a lot of support from your partner which will be quite different from how they have been behaving in the past. Things with your partner will eventually get better by the end of this week, as you both find out the time to discuss your feelings and emotions, your partner will empathetic with you. Your health is likely to be a mess this week, which is not due to any underlying pathology, just the stress and anxiety you have been going through this week, rest as much as you can instead of spending time anticipating the future.


In the beginning of the week you might feel extremely emotionally involved with your partner. You will have a lot of contemplating to do when it comes to your private life. You are also advised to work on making investments into the business. You are likely to face huge prospects this week as luck is on your side. Your prospects are likely to be converted into sponsors. Your strong willpower and blessings from elders might protect you from this adverse situation. You need to avoid being involved in controversies; otherwise it will pull you down negatively.


You will be very busy at work, your focus will be good and you will have a great time working throughout this week. You will be able to utilize your strength to implement your plans in the business or work, in terms of growth. You will get help from your network to make it possible. Expect some changes in your place, position or responsibilities at work, in terms of promotions. Your seniors will appreciate your work. Your family will support you to get success at work, which will maintain harmony in your house. Your opponents and hidden enemies won’t bother you this week. If you’re in a relationship you will take important decisions in terms of marriage with the help of your relatives or friends.


Working with your partner will be very easy this week. Your work life will be the most positive part of your week. You will also receive a lot of love and appreciation from your colleagues which will set a very positive tone for the entire week as you keep getting praised which motivates you to work even better. New prospects in terms of sponsorship will help you move forward in your business as well hence this week brings financial gains for you. Your positive Aura will attract a lot of people today towards you this week which means if you’re single you might as well have a lot of people chasing after you. If you’re in a relationship you’re likely to take the next step in your relationship this week itself.


Your personality will impress a new prospect and all of your colleagues throughout this week. The stars are really making you be the best you can be this week be it as a partner or as an employee. If you’re single you’re most likely to meet a love interest

You’ll be happy all week, thinking someone you have an instant connection with. You and your new love interest are extremely compatible and you will feel so as the week goes by both of you will be very excited about each other and are likely to agree upon the same choices in everything you do. Both of you will feel loved and appreciated, hence rest assured all your feelings about this person are mutual and will be reciprocated.


This week you will want to rush and get into new things, practice to calm your energies down and think wisely. New opportunities will arise through the week. Chose wisely. Taking strategic steps further will be very beneficial for you. Gradually but surely your love life will improve. You feel like you are stuck at the same stage but that is not the case. Enjoy being in the moment. Your tendency to rush things can cause you unnecessary trouble. Prepare yourself for a lot of hard work this week. Anxiety might be on the rise for you this week. Practice yoga and meditation chant the `OM’ mantra whenever you feel anxious. Practice deep breathing exercises every day. If you give in to the thoughts that are rushing you, you might experience anxiety.


You will work hard and hard work will reward you with very satisfying returns in this week itself. In the start of a week, you will feel really better the level of happiness will keep increasing. And because of that you will get very generous throughout the week. So, you are advised to control your spending and manage your money. Your good deeds can convert into overspending and because of that you can end up with creating problems with your family. You are advised to be calm and consult your family before making any decisions, focus on your family this week. You will need to face financial management issues and you even need to decide on making valuable investments. People in love should really take care of each other. In mid of the week your positive energies will still remain but they will be calmed down. Things will slowly get under control. You will again be able to control your spending properly which will help you to come out of the intense phase of life.


You will experience a positive shift in your career this week. Your career will take a turn in the best direction it could ever go. You will find that not all of your friends are happy for your new found success. Notice the drop in the energy when you share your success with your friends to find out who truly cares for you and is your friend.

You’re more likely to focus on your career and work which won’t be an issue for your partner as both of you could do well with some time away from each other. Your business is flourishing this week. With the amount of hard work that you have done in the past few days, it won’t come as a surprise for you but you’ll still be happy and satisfied with yourself. This success will motivate you to work even harder hence it only keeps on getting better from now on.


You will make great business decisions this week. Your analysis and strategies will work out in your favor. The only troublesome part about this week for you is your love life which will stay turbulent throughout the week. You have unknowingly triggered your partner’s insecurities, which they won’t be able to express to you, which will lead to a huge misunderstanding. From your end what you can do is treat them with kindness, even if you don’t understand the reason behind their rude and distant behavior. Ask questions and encourage your partner to express their feelings, assure them that you will keep an open mind to their perspectives. Your health will be a roller coaster ride this week, but quite a mild one. Expect a few headaches this week to lessen their effect make sure to remain hydrated and cut out on any caffeine intake.


Your week will be filled with amazing things. You will get involved in activities you never thought you would participate in. The first three days will bring you opportunities you were waiting for and in the last two days you will reap the fruits of these opportunities. This week you should be very productive avoid people who take your emotions lightly in as their possessive nature may harm you later. Love will bloom in the right directions at unexpected timings; you may have a little insomnia and feel tired due to hectic schedule. You are likely to travel for business this week which is why your sleep schedule will be irregular. Your communications skills will help in finding solutions to the issues your institution is facing. Along with that, you are likely to find a right guide who will help you stabilize your profits.

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